I Think Hillary Clinton Should Disavow Kim Kardashian and Kenye West

With all the talk Hillary Clinton does about Donald Trump and his womanizing, sexualizing ways – why is it that she is SO fond of Kim Kardashian and Kenye West? Photo from Twitter.

hillary kim and kenye

First, NO ONE on the planet encourages the sexualization of women like Kim Kardashian, the self proclaimed Queen of Instagram. This screenshot is of her most recent shares on her Instagram account following her personal endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

kim kardashian encourage sexualization of women

Then there’s Kenye. We all know about Kenye, but many of us have never even listened to his music let alone know what he has to say. Well, here’s a sampling of one of his more recent, and very popular songs, Fade. If you really want to know what his lyrics mean or how he interprets them, watch the video here, be warned though, it is marked as EXPLICIT. Read through the full lyrics here.

I feel it
I’ma rock the boat
Work the middle ’til it hurt a little
I feel it
Your love is fadin’
I feel it

Fuckin’ with a real ass nigga
I feel it
Fuck how you feel ass nigga
I feel it
Bitch better act like you know better
I feel it

You don’t even know
I’ve been so far gone
I feel it
I’ve been so led on
I’ve been runnin’ ’round
I feel it
I’ve been on my shit
Whole world on my dick
I feel it
I just need to know
I can feel it

And then of course there is Beyonce’ and Jay-Z. I could do a very similar post on those two, but I think the point is well made here.

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