Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee – Simply Nauseating!


So Kim Davis gets released from jail when Mike Huckabee comes to town?

Ain’t that grand?

I watched the news coverage of her emerging from the county jail with her arms held high and The Eye of the Tiger blaring. I watched with that head-shaking coma I tend to get when I watch something that is so bleeping STUPID!

Kim Davis is NOT a rockstar! She is simply a person who is nothing more than a bully who is trying to get out of doing her job. The job she was elected to do!

I have to wonder if the same people who are standing behind Kim would rally behind Charee Stanley, the Muslim who refuses to serve alcohol based on her Islamic faith?

This is as close to an apples-to-apples comparison as you can get. Apart from the fact that Charee was HIRED and Kim was ELECTED.

I have always said NO ONE in any position is irreplaceable. If she is unable to do her job, someone is eagerly waiting in the wings who will.

Mike Huckabee has just earned him a spot right up there next to Pat Robertson in the Nut Job Hall of Fame.

Let’s hope and pray they lock Mike Huckabee up come September 16th so we don’t have to listen to politically-fueled, lip service.

Will Mike Huckabee take the SAME religious freedom position for Charee?

Why wouldn’t he?

Because he is a fraud!

He cherry-picks the battles that will benefit HIM.

I truly cannot believe what I am watching.

And THIS from a place my mother called home for many years. A place I ran to on 9/11, and where I remained for a week after. A place I remembered with the fondest of memories from my childhood and into adulthood.

Not anymore.

I am simply disgusted by Kim Davis and her brainless, scarecrow of a husband. How can you KNOW her personal timeline and carry any amount of respect for either of them?

Personally, I find it impossible!

I must apologize for the ramblings – I simply cannot believe what I have seen unfold in Grayson, Kentucky today.

Wow! Just Wow!

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