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Before you begin reading the following opinion – I’d like to make it VERY clear that I take GREAT pride in my right to vote. I have not EVER voted a straight ticket. I am a TRUE middle-of-the-road kind of girl who actually DOES her homework by researching EVERY candidate during an election. My votes are cast for the person, not the party. If I don’t know a name on a ballot, I don’t vote in that category at all.

Frankly, I think anyone who casts a straight ticket that includes votes for names they don’t know is wasting their vote and taking a very lazy approach to their RIGHT as an American.

Point to Ponder:

How beautiful would the American Flag be if it were only Red OR Blue? It’s the perfect combination of RED, WHITE & BLUE that makes it so truly magnificent! ~ Gayla Baer-Taylor

No matter how you slice it, healthcare in the United States if broken – at least for the "average" American.

  • Medical care costs WAY to much.
  • Prescriptions cost WAY to much.
  • Private Insurance costs WAY to much.

I’m not going to pretend to know everything about Obama Care. What I do know is IF it’s an option that prevents insurance companies from rejecting someone for a pre-existing condition – I‘m for it!

IF it makes it easier and more affordable for people to get and maintain coverage – I’m for it!

Insurance is the biggest racket on the planet! You know it. I know it!

In my case, I have recently been on BOTH sides of the coverage fence.

With insurance I go to the doctor for $70. This was the rate negotiated with my "IN Network" (that right there should be enough to tell everyone with a brain that docs and insurance companies are in bed together)

Without insurance I go to the doctor for the SAME visit and it costs $120.

Same doctor. Same service. Different price.

WTF is up with THAT?

If we’re not going to have FREE healthcare (which obviously Obama Care is NOT FREE) then the pricing schedules should be consistent. Having insurance coverage is NOT a freaking discount card, it’s supposed to be coverage.

Sure, there are things I really don’t like about Obama Care – like the fact that illegal immigrants have access to better healthcare than many American’s WITH JOBS – Who PAY taxes and who are raising the next generation of taxpayers. And I REALLY dislike people who see making babies as a viable career option making use of MY hard earned money to account for their welfare paycheck. But there’s bloodsuckers everywhere you go.

Prime example – Big Wall Street bonuses in a time of economic turmoil. *insert vomiting/gagging noise here*

BUT have we ever seen a system that is 100% effective? Really?

Doesn’t it make MORE sense to err on the side of saving AMERICAN lives than on the side of shunning our fellow American and condemning them to a life of pain, suffering, and sometimes death just because their condition is considered PRE-Existing?

Instead of fighting so hard to overturn Obama Care –

Why not stand behind the movement to boycott companies who employ illegal’s for slave wages?

Why not stand behind the movement to rid our companies of shady union practices? Not so much unions as a whole, but the shady practices have got to go!

Why not stand behind a movement that boycotts businesses where the CEO gets a hefty bonus when he’s just laid off 10,000 workers?

Why not stand behind a movement that holds people accountable for their own choices and decisions instead of letting them flood our court systems with frivolous lawsuits?

Coffee is HOT people! Handle with care! If you don’t want to risk getting burned, Don’t. Drink. Coffee!

And to get a lot more local here – Ah hem – Hello, Knightstown Indiana!

Why not stand behind a movement that would prevent school systems from building bigger better schools, brand new, fancy-schmancy superintendents office and posh multi-million dollar football field when the sizes of classes are SHRINKING instead of growing (i.e. people moving out of district because of the ever increasing taxes). When I lived in the opposite corner of this SAME county, my taxes were HALF what they are here – and the area was much more populated. Hmmm makes one think!

If the heads of communities want bigger and better "things" then the focus MUST be on being a community that attracts members, not drives them away because of higher taxes and leaders with Champagne taste!

/climbing off my soapbox 

Please do leave a comment expressing your opinion. NO name calling – NO flaming – just a coming together of minds with a focus on a greater good – not on attacking one another.

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