Repurpose – Recycle and Call It Art

In all the Pinterest inspired projects I have done, this one has been my favorite so far.

With this, I took an old picture that we had hanging on the wall. I removed the glass and covered the cardboard insert in burlap using a thin layer of crafting glue.

Before winter set in, while we were cleaning up the landscaping, I collected lots of twigs and sticks. I had kept them in a bag, knowing I could and would use them at some point. The same with empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

I took 10 of those rolls, pressed them flat, cut them all in half, and half again until I had enough to make my display. I placed them in a box to avoid overspray and spray painted them red. Once dry, I turned them over and gave them another mist of paint to obtain an even finish all around.

Without any real vision, I began gluing my twigs and painted paper rolls on the burlap.

This is my finished product.

pinterest inspired - repurposing picture

Thanks to Pinterest, I no longer throw anything away without carefully considering how I might be able to repurpose.

Do you have clever ways that you have repurposed items that would have wound up in the trash? I’d love to see your work. Please leave a comment below and brag up your frugal self.

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  1. Jim Jacobsen says:

    We are renovating part of our church and we came across a piece of stained glass from the original construction, circa 1847. I’m boxing it in from behind and will add a low power LED light, so we can use it for an accent light, possibly in a contemplation corner or similar “quiet” area.

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