Sharing an emotional response to the Bastille Day attack in Nice France

Trent Hitchens Pray for France

This morning, a dear friend of mine made a post on Facebook that struck a strong emotional chord with me. I asked his permission to share it because I think it’s worthy of sharing in a way that it won’t get lost in the Facebook archives, or worse, removed by the recent efforts to keep negative comments directed toward Clinton and Obama from gaining ground.

Thanks Trent Hitchens for allowing me to share your thoughts.

This photo says it all & it not only makes me shed a tear but, it makes me angry!!! It’s been O days since an ISIS or ISIL (as the POS POTUS calls it) attack on innocent people. These radical Muslim organizations must be stopped!

Over the last 8 years while this jackass Obama has served as President these groups have grown stronger & continue to murder the innocent. Another movement, Black Lives Matter, which is also a Terrorist Group by definition has not only grown but it was created under Obama’s reign in office. His Presidency has been about dividing the American people and Countries worldwide & it will continue with Hillary in office. She is a criminal by all accounts and to think that there are fucking idiots that support that bitch along with that Muslim loving President makes me cringe.

I respect your freedom of choice, it’s what makes America great but, I care little about your support for these two fucks as you care little about mine for Trump & Pence so do us both a favor and hit the delete button next to my name if you support Obama or Hillary and their continued support of the Black Lives Matter & ISIL Terrorist groups.

The little girl under the foil didn’t deserve this and with your support for Obama/Hillary more baby dolls will be left without a child to love them. We have the greatest Military in the world so fucking use it to rub out these groups.

By the way Gary Johnson isn’t the solution either, legalizing weed won’t stop this violence. ‪#‎trump‬ ‪#‎pence‬ ‪#‎putin‬ ‪#‎militaryaction‬ ‪#‎prayfornicefrance‬ ‪#‎innocentlives‬ ‪#‎terrorism‬ ‪#‎isis‬ ‪#‎isil‬ ‪#‎domesticterrorism‬ ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬

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