The Oops I Forgot My Pill Pill…

That’s what the Morning After Pill IS — The Oops I forgot my pill PILL!

I did some research on this Morning After Pill to find out what all the fuss is about. I’ll admit, I am pro-choice but do feel strongly that the alternative is wrong and truly wish there was not a need for such clinics.

Now, perhaps if we take a closer look at this “morning after” pill we might see that this is a logical middle ground for both pro-choice and pro-life advocates.

First I went to check a Pregnancy Calendar to see what the timelines and progression are before presenting my argument here…

In order for actual Pregnancy to occur the fertilized egg must complete a seven to ten day journey to the uterus, where it settles into the endometrial lining and there the fertilized egg will grow and create a fetus.

During that first week when the egg is fertilized it is still not a pregnancy. More can be found on iVillage — they have a great area on pregnancy. IF the morning after pill is taken within the first FIVE days as required, than there is no risk of crossing those very fragile lines between pro-life and pro-choice.

In reading up on the morning after pill, in all honesty I’m not sure why more women wouldn’t turn to it than to birth control pills. Apparently in other countries it’s being used as an alternative to the daily birth control that poses a much greater risk to women in the form of breast cancer, heart disease and stroke.

So, for the sake of the previous argument, I’d say IF a pharmacist is Catholic, than he shouldn’t be in his line of work period! One of the most widely dispensed prescriptions is birth control pills. And IF a pharmacist is pro-life and feels the Morning After Pill is immoral, I say Hellooooo! The Morning After Pill IS a single dose birth control that’s to be taken within a 120 window to PREVENT pregnancy (creating a means by which a fertilized egg cannot become attached to the endometrial lining, not terminate pregnancy.

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