The Politics of Pro-Birth, Pro-Choice and Pro-Life and Why It’s All Worthless Lip-Service

hard thing right thing I guess I may never understand people standing firm on the position of a politician when it comes to the whole pro-life, pro-choice and pro-birth issue.

The problem with lawmakers is this topic is always a “sure thing” to win voters. It’s highly unlikely that it is EVER going to change – simply because it is safest and most secure – just as it is.

To be clear:

  • I do not agree with late term terminations.
  • I do not agree with those who use their “choice” as a means of “birth control
  • I don’t agree with the recent developments in the Planned Parenthood case. However, it’s nothing new. It’s only a bombshell that has been held quietly by politicians, waiting for the time when it would benefit them most. Congress’ support in the use of fetal tissue dates back to the Ronald Reagan administration and then some.
  • I am wise enough to know that if a woman is not given the choice legally and safely, she will choose anyway.

The way lawmakers keep this a heated issue is the RIGHT want all or nothing. I am particularly disgusted at how this topic seems to heat up most when an election season is approaching. To me, that proves it is just what it is – a “sure thing” issue. The most extreme RIGHT will not agree to any suggested law that is not ALL or nothing.

NO ethical lawmaker would EVER agree to a law that would ever take the choice away from victims of rape, incest and in those cases where the life of the mother is at risk. Such a law would hold traumatized victims captive and force them to birth a seed planted by evil and endure a pregnancy that haunted and traumatized them from day one.

There are those rare victims who carry out the pregnancy, and God bless them for finding the strength to do so, but that is a choice they make based on their own mental wellbeing and one that is between them and God. AS it should be.

If we did not live in a world that was plagued by extreme evil, I would support the argument that “if God didn’t want the conception, it would not have happened.” However, we are NOT in a “heavenly” world and not all things are OF God. Satan and evil does have their place in this world and to claim that all pregnancies that occur through sexual abuse, is evil in itself.

I truly believe a woman knows. She will know from the moment she learns she is pregnant whether it is of God or not. If it is, God will put it in her heart to carry that pregnancy to term – if she is haunted, tormented and miserable, she should have the right to release herself from that trauma.

Unless you have EVER been faced with violent, sexual abuse, you can’t possibly know or understand what the victims go through. I have personally been blessed to know a few victims. One of which was faced with making this decision. I supported her 150%. In fact, I drove her. I did not want her to be alone, at all.

The protesters outside only added to the traumatic experience. They had NO idea what that poor girl had been through or what she would continue to deal with in the many years that followed. By making the choice she did, she was at least able to close one small chapter of that dreadful experience and proceed to the phases of seeking help and slowly growing toward the level of healing she could.

Supporting a politician, solely on their position on this topic is nothing short of wasting your vote. It’s important to dig in, research each and every one and support them based on what they can and will change – not on providing fear-mongering-lip-service that we have all become SO programmed to believe.

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