This is What a Great Deal with Iran Really Looks Like

American soldiers prisoners of iran

THIS! This makes me SO ANGRY! These are AMERICAN soldiers taken captive by Iran. The SAME Iran that’s been SOOO good in negotiations. The same Iran that struck such a GREAT deal with us – according to Hillary, Obama and Kerry!

America is a laughing stock! We pay Iran billions? And we get NOTHING? Our government was too busy kissing a$$ to negotiate the release of POWs! And that’s a good deal? Really?

THESE Soldiers deserve BETTER than “more of the same.” No, we don’t know for certain if Mr. Trump will be better – but we DO KNOW that Hillary would be more of the same! These soldiers, OUR soldiers, ANY SOLDIER could just as easily end up like THIS while our government is focusing on hugging the world to death and gifting them into control.

THESE soldiers, ALL our soldiers deserve better than more of the same! LOTS MORE!

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