An App to Save Money and Avoid Discrimination by Discriminating Against WHITE Men

When I saw this on Twitter, I thought it was a joke. Nope, it’s a real thing! Perhaps it may be meant as satire, but we ALL know how serious SO many in this country take this sort of thing – don’t we? The app, called Equitable, is designed to split group restaurant bills based on gender and racial wage gaps. So if you’re a white man brunching with a black woman and a Latina, […] Read the Full Article »

I Accept Donald Trump’s Apology

Isn’t it odd and amazing all that the same time how liberals have discovered the difference between right and wrong? They are just now tapping into the topic of morality and offended by the littlest thing being praised by lamestream media. Speaking of lamestream media, have you read the Wikileaks yet? There’s a lot of information in those Wikileaks. I hope it’s making you see things from another perspective. I also find it interesting and […] Read the Full Article »

What Clinton Campaign Emails Say About Immigration, Renewable Energy, and Racial Equality

This is just one of many to come from the newly leaked emails on Wikileaks. Check this out…I’ve gone through and BOLDED some of the more interesting parts. UPDATE: for those lacking common sense and since a couple of people have pointed this out.. this email was received IN the email account of Podesta. But it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out – Hillary wants to shut coal mines down, put miners out of […] Read the Full Article »

Population Control and Chaos Masked as Diversity Spawns Charlotte Riots – Welcome to Hillary’s America

Diversity is NOT our strength. Increased diversity results in weaker, less trusting communities (chaos). It generates decline in social capital. People like Obama & Hillary rely HEAVILY on the decline in social capital (basically healthy relationships among all people) by segregating and rewarding micro-groups based on race, religion, gender and sexual orientation with “entitlements” – the more they can segregate, the more chaos ensues. Through chaos, more people buy the promise of “unity and equality” […] Read the Full Article »

Missing from the DNC – the American Flag and Uniformed Police

This morning, Rudy Guiliani confirmed uniformed police are not allowed at DNC according to 4 high-ranking officers and his own daily survey of convention! Apparently Hillary doesn’t want Police seen on TV on her floor. I personally found that hard to believe, but considering on Day 1 of the convention, SO many people noticed how absent the American Flag was, I am far more inclined to believe it. To give them credit, the American Flag […] Read the Full Article »