Liberal Mayors Pledge to Protect Illegal Immigrants From President Trump

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promised illegal immigrants living in New York City that they need not fear Donald Trump's deportation plans. He plans to resist President Trump's immigration policies at all costs, whatever that means. Now, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is echoing De Blasio's declaration. Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Emanuel said Chicago will “always be a sanctuary city. To all those who are, after Tuesday's election, very nervous and […] Read the Full Article »

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Plantation Politics

A few weeks ago, while watching Hillary's America, a certain mention caught my attention. It portrayed Barack Obama as a child sitting in a Chicago, Hyde Park Barbershop called Smitty's. The conversation of “Plantation politics” took place between he and Smitty. I did quite a bit of searching to try to find more information on that particular conversation when I happened on THIS BLOG POST “Obama To Poor Blacks – Stay Poor” written in 2009 […] Read the Full Article »

Illegal Immigrants Committing Crimes

Do you think all illegal immigrants who are ever convicted of a crime should be immediately deported? Yes! Yes, they should be immediately deported. Illegal immigrants are not supposed to be in the country in the first place. If you’re an illegal immigrant and you’re in the United States of America, you’re breaking the law! I was reading a report over on The Daily Caller this morning about how a “twice-arrested illegal immigrant” killed a […] Read the Full Article »

The Obvious Racism of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

So President Obama can call THIS disgusting piece of shit but he did not and has not EVER called the family of Kate Steinle (white girl shot by illegal who'd been deported 5 times) He did not and has not EVER called the family of Josue Flores (11 yo stabbed on his way home from school by a black man). Josue Flores and Kate Steinle  Do NOT tell me that man is not racist or […] Read the Full Article »

Judge Gonzalo Curiel Failed to Uphold the Law and Hillary is Mastering the Art of Manipulation by Segregation

Anyone who knows me knows I have watched more than my share of political coverage during this primary election season. Over the last few weeks, especially, I have had several “ah-ha” moments when listening to Hillary Clinton speak. I still cannot believe I was such a staunch supporter of hers – EVER! The media bias is showing more and more. On Anderson Cooper lately, they have had their panels loaded with Hillary and Bernie supporters […] Read the Full Article »