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At This Point Mrs. Clinton – THIS IS the Difference It Makes and Why I Left the Democrat Party

Hillary’s Beauty Queen Victim Ain’t No Saint

Hillary Bought the Can of Worms – Mark Cuban Opened It – Trump Evens the Playing Field

Beware of the Subtle Mind Games of Main Stream Media

George HW Bush Voting for Hillary Clinton – Here’s Your Sign ‘Merica

How Donald Trump Broke All-Time Early Voting Records in Florida Before Voting Begins on Oct 24

Secret Service Pays Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for Travel Expenses

Hillary’s America DVD Release October 11th – Pre-Order Now and Have It the Day it is Released

Dishing on Hillary’s Health, Her Collapse and That Body Double Rumor

Population Control and Chaos Masked as Diversity Spawns Charlotte Riots – Welcome to Hillary’s America

The REAL Colin Powell Email versus The Clinton News Network Version

Illegal Immigrants Committing Crimes

So much for always believing the victim

Exploring the Truth About the High Cost of Prescriptions – It’s Not What They Want Us to Think

Hillary Clinton Keeps Score and Returns Favors – Tim Kaine Exhibit A

DNC LEAKED DOCUMENTS: DCCC Memo Calls Black Lives Matter a Radical Movement

Has Hillary Clinton Found a Way to Bleach Her Crowd Pics from the Internet too?

Indiana Early for Trump Tour – I Was There

Labor Unions Including the UAW Invest Millions of Member Dues in Hillary Clinton

Ted Cruz Broke The Unspoken Rule and Now His Wife Is Paying The Price

Chris Quinn Accuses Donald Trump and Marco Rubio of Attending Anti-Gay Event in Florida

My Interview on Fox and Friends – Why I am a Lifelong Democrat Voting for Donald Trump

Taxpayers Paying for Ridiculous Studies to Determine What Makes Goldfish Feel Sexy and Much More…

Hillary Clinton The Bought and Paid For Candidate – Introducing Her Biggest Donors

In Depth Analysis Reveals Trump Will Defeat Clinton in Landslide

Loving God and Supporting Donald Trump at the Same Time – It is Possible

Clinton Cash – Pay to Play – What is it and what does it mean?

Trump Says UAW Members Should Make Less Money – Fact Checking

Donald Trump Mocked a Reporter with a Disability – Or Did He?

The REAL hidden agenda of the Democratic party

How to Play Hardball with Chris Matthews – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The Many Gun Lies of Hillary Clinton – Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Black Lives Don’t Matter to Black Lives Matter

Did Hillary Clinton Lie in Her Interview with Chris Wallace?

Disenfranchised Voters Everywhere

I am against a 15 dollar federal minimum wage increase

Sharing an emotional response to the Bastille Day attack in Nice France

When Crime and Fraud Pay More in America – This is What Happens

Ted Cruz is trying to tap into the anger that drives Donald Trump supporters! Don’t be fooled.

Here’s How Second Amendment People Can Deal with Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump Is Forcing Capital Hill to Get Real or Get Lost!

Proof That Donald Trump Does Not Incite Violence at His Rallies

This is What a Great Deal with Iran Really Looks Like

Playing My Hoosier Woman Card – Indiana May 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Comments on Orlando Shooting

Missing from the DNC – the American Flag and Uniformed Police

Why You Should Vote for Donald Trump

More on why I am a Democrat voting for Donald Trump

Dropping Some Truth As a Former Democrat Now Voting for Donald Trump

Super Tuesday 3 – I Am Going to Be of Fox and Friends

Dishing on Greedy Rockstar Preachers, Their McMansions & Jet Set Lifestyles

INDIANA VOTERS – PAY ATTENTION – Avoid the Tricks, Here’s How!

Gayla Baer-Taylor on Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton and Sheriff Joe Arpaio

For Real: Exploiting Sandy Hook Victims for Profit

Your Word is Your Bond – Apparently it’s a black thing now and not a Bible thing

The REAL Benghazi Report – Not the Democrat Version

Political Polls And How They Are Manipulating Voters Through Fear

Being Attacked as a Donald Trump Supporter – The Funniest Story You Will Ever Read

Another Mass Shooting in Bristol Tennessee that No One is Talking About

Bryan Sanders – Anti-Trump Protestor is Full of Sh!t

I Was a Brainwashed Democrat – There Is Hope for You Too!

It May be Time for a Female President, But Hillary Is NOT Her!

Ted Cruz is so busy playing politics, he forgets truth and reality

State Department sets new single-day record for importing voters for the 2020 election

Judge Jeanine: The Establishment Wants to ‘Sabotage’ Trump and Is ‘In Bed with the Democrats’

Why John Kasich and Ted Cruz are still running – they are acting like spoiled children

Liberal Media Puppet Chris Matthews is a Heartless POS Living in the Pocket of Hillary Clinton

The Obvious Racism of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Hillary and Bernie – Your Race Card, Immigrant Card, Refugee Card and Woman Card Have Been Declined

Indiana: Walk & Talk for Trump

Knightstown Indiana Needs a Lesson in How the Government Works

Huffington Post Peddles Half Truths – And The Real Conversation I Had Because of It

Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee – Simply Nauseating!

Has Hell Frozen Over? Well Known Liberal Piers Morgan Endorses Donald Trump

Dear America – Wake the EFF UP!

Trump campaign manager charged with battery – I call BS

Welfare and Public Assistance Abusers Suck!

Political correctness should NEVER replace safety and common sense

Hillary Clinton’s BFF Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a MAJOR CROOK

Message to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Hillary Clinton’s Liberal America – A Nation of Emotional Victims

I was just bragging about how grown up my friends were, UNTIL I posted something Anti-Bernie

Hillary Clinton and Tweet Baiting 101

Florida Latino Population Has Stronger Trump Support Than Media Would Have You Think

Follow Iowa’s Lead – Here’s One Reason You Should Say NO to Politicians

When political agenda is placed above integrity – Shame on Ted Cruz

A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots

Why you should never discuss politics with friends! A lesson learned the hard way.

Embassy Attacks Happen – It’s a sad, disgusting reality

Donald Trump Looks to Win Indiana Primary

Mr. President YOU Screwed Up Big! Shame on You!

Elizabeth Warren Describes Hillary Clinton as a Puppet to Corporate Sponsors

Donald Trump and Hitler Comparisons – See for Yourself

Judge Gonzalo Curiel Failed to Uphold the Law and Hillary is Mastering the Art of Manipulation by Segregation

Former Democrat’s Voting for Donald Trump – Hear Us Roar

The Liberal Effort to Segregate Society – They Call it Equality

Donald Trump – Russia – Missing Emails – Espionage and THIS

Sh!t Just Got Real

Bernie Sanders Encourages Anger and Hatred by Being the Do-Nothing-Say-Nothing Man

About That Private Meeting Between US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton

Kim Davis Returns to Work – Still Refusing to do Her Job!

An Open Letter to The Parents of Michael Brown

I Will Not Subject to Bully Voting Tactics

If you cross the border illegally…

It’s Hard To Be A Republican Today

Donald Trump releases official statement about Orlando mass shooting

Angela from Domestic Divapalooza Joins Not Before Coffee

Calling ALL Democrats – Please Answer This

Gays Must Die Says Speaker At Orlando Mosque – WFTV 9 Orlando Report

Donald Trump says the political system is rigged. Is it?

This man is funding Hillary Clinton AND John Kasich

When Hillary Points a Finger at Donald Trump She Actually Points Three Fingers Back at Herself

Tonight’s the night we make history…in Indiana

Bobby Jindal: Donald Trump should serve as a wake-up call to the GOP

The Politics of Pro-Birth, Pro-Choice and Pro-Life and Why It’s All Worthless Lip-Service

Open Letter to Mitch Daniels & Indiana Lawmakers Regarding Child Support

Erick Erickson: I don’t give a damn about the will of the people

Businessmen sentenced in illegal immigrant and tax fraud case

Robert Gates – 60 Minutes Interview

Question from the Web: Why Do Conservatives Think They Own Christianity?