I am against a 15 dollar federal minimum wage increase

In the May 8, 2016, edition of NBC’s Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd prodded Trump on his minimum wage views. Here is what Donald Trump had to say:

I’d rather have the states go out and do what they have to do. And the states compete with each other, not only other countries, but they compete with each other, Chuck. So I like the idea of let the states decide. But I think people should get more. I think they’re out there. They’re working. It is a very low number. You know, with what’s happened to the economy, with what’s happened to the cost. I mean, it’s just — I don’t know how you live on $7.25 an hour. But I would say let the states decide.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely do NOT agree with raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. Minimum wage is NOT intended to be the primary source of income. It’s intended to be reserved for jobs held by teens, retirees, students and people seeking supplemental or extra income. Minimum wage jobs should be a stepping stone to better jobs and rewarding careers.

Raising the minimum wage will be catastrophic to the entire job market of the U.S. If the wage is raised on a federal level, businesses will aggressively move toward more automated systems, cut full-time hours and reduce their staff to the absolute bare minimum. They would have NO choice.

Minimum wage should be left to individual states to decide what is best suited for their residents based on the real cost-of-living.

Someone working at McDonald’s in Los Angeles could make $15 per hour while someone in Knightstown, Indiana might make $8 per hour and it would probably have a more equal financial impact on the wallet.

This whole notion that BIG Government needs to step in and dictate our entire country is insane. The PURPOSE of our Government is to protect our constitutional rights – nothing more, nothing less.

The Democrats have force-fed our country this notion of BIG government FAR too long. Government under the Democrats has become more welfare and entitlements than anything.

Government should NOT promise and provide financial responsibility for choices WE make.

When the government distributes financial entitlements, they are taking it from someone else. That means taxpayers like me.

I raised my twins as a single mother with NO help. Their father was not in the picture much AT ALL and was of very little financial support. Still, I NEVER went on welfare. There were times I worked THREE jobs to make ends meet. I made the choice to have my kids and knew the responsibility was MINE and MINE alone. I knew their father wasn’t going to be much help, still I was the one who got pregnant. If he helped, he helped. If he didn’t help, then he didn’t. That was between him, me and the courts. Even with my boys grown, there is still an outstanding debt he has on his record and that won’t go away – but NEVER, EVER did I place the responsibility of MY choice on my friends, family and neighbors by taking their tax dollars.

The fact that I could do it means anyone else can do it. I knew I could barely afford the two I had so I did the responsible thing and got my tubes tied to prevent bringing anymore kids into this world that I could not afford.

So when it comes to welfare and entitlements, I am just about the least sympathetic and understanding person on the planet – when the mother is able-bodied and can work.

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