It’s now two days after the American people took to the polls and cast their vote for the next President of the United States. Rather than rejoicing in any way, the media is stumbling all over themselves trying to figure out how they could have been SO WRONG. While I think they are well aware of how this happened, I thought I would take a moment to point it out, especially for those who bought […] Read the Full Article »

Julian Assange: Hackers are not Russian, they are DNC Whistleblowers

Julian Assange has said a number of times that the sources behind the DNC and Clinton emails are NOT Russian, but rather, they are DNC whistleblowers. There has been much speculation surrounding the death of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer that was mysteriously gunned down in his peaceful, low crime neighborhood in July. Many believe Seth was one source of the 20,000 emails that has embarrassed the DNC and forced the resignation of the DNC […] Read the Full Article »

DNC LEAKED DOCUMENTS: DCCC Memo Calls Black Lives Matter a Radical Movement

Democratic House candidates should never say “all lives matter” under any circumstances, according to a highly confidential memo sent to staffers for the party’s congressional campaign arm, which was leaked this week and states using “all lives matter” as it will “anger BLM activists” and goes on to call it “the worst response.” So they can call it a radical movement or group and not be racist, but non-Democrats can’t? Read on… Image 1: Image […] Read the Full Article »

Hillary Clinton Keeps Score and Returns Favors – Tim Kaine Exhibit A

I realize this has been featured on, but over the last several months, I have come to rely on Snopes for the real truth versus the truth as it pertains to liberal politcs. I do state in this article that it is a hypothetical, and invite you to do your own research. When I conducted my own research, I found that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… Well, you […] Read the Full Article »

Donald Trump Mocked a Reporter with a Disability – Or Did He?

The media got it SO wrong, BUT do you know WHY they force-feed this story? You’ll be very surprised! Even as much as I support Donald Trump, this is one of those stories that really bothered me. But, like everyone else, I was only getting a small bit of the whole story.   I’ll say it again, believe HALF what you see and NONE of what you hear – UNLESS you do extensive research and find […] Read the Full Article »