Fake News, Quotes and Facebook Meme’s About Malcom X

This particular meme captured my curiosity this morning. In shame, I realized I knew very little about Malcom X outside of the quotes that float around the internet from time to time. Because of THIS meme, I read through the Malcom X “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech that was delivered on April 3, 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio. In this speech, Malcom X spoke against the “white man” BUT he did so in the context […] Read the Full Article »

What Makes Benghazi So Different Than Other Embassy Attacks and Why Hillary Is to Blame

This morning, a “friend of a friend” on Facebook commented on a post I made referencing Benghazi and all the research and reading I have been doing. Her comment reminded me SO MUCH of who I USED to be. Her Comment: “So tell me how pages of the investigations into the 13 attacked embassies and 60 USA citizens killed during the Bush Administration have you read? What were your findings in those? You know since […] Read the Full Article »

At This Point Mrs. Clinton – THIS IS the Difference It Makes and Why I Left the Democrat Party

  Here’s the thing… Hillary Clinton has spent 40+ years in the political sphere. During that time she has been groomed to become a typical, polished politician. In some cases, she knows what her voter base wants to hear, and she says it. She will say and do anything and everything to get elected. President Obama has said it, Bernie Sanders said it MANY TIMES, in 2004 Elizabeth Warren exposed her as a “phony.” A […] Read the Full Article »

Calling ALL Democrats – Please Answer This

Josue Flores and Kate Steinle I admit, Trump has said some pretty dumb things, but the fact is, he is honest to a fault. Unlike Hillary who has mastered the art of politics enough that she keeps most of her filthy-mouth and insults well hidden. I have been asking the SAME question for about a year now – no one has answered. Can ANY of my Democrat friends shed some light because I really don’t […] Read the Full Article »

When political agenda is placed above integrity – Shame on Ted Cruz

Going into the Republican National Convention last night, I had my reservations about Ted Cruz being on the speakers schedule. I tried to refrain from commenting and hoped my “gut instinct” was wrong – although it rarely is. Ted Cruz and Barack Obama on a Jet Plane Last week when a few news sources reported that President Obama had asked Ted Cruz to accompany him on Air Force One to Texas for the memorial service […] Read the Full Article »