Those 8 Times Your Mom Was Right About Your Love Life

There was a time when anything your mother said to you resulted in an eye roll and a petulant "But Mom!" whine. But now that you’re a little older (and not living under her roof), you’ve suddenly realized she knew exactly what she was talking about all along. Here are eight things Mom told you about dating that she was totally right about. Full Article: Glamour Read the Full Article »

Scary Stories Won’t Stop Kids From Lying or Will They?

Reading cautionary tales like The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Pinocchio to little kids might not be the best way to teach them to tell the truth. New research suggests stories that praise, rather than punish, characters for being honest are more effective. “As parents of young children, we wanted to know how effective the stories actually are in promoting honesty,” says Victoria Talwar of McGill University’s educational psychology department. “Is it ‘in one ear, […] Read the Full Article »

A Tale of Gossip & Regret–A Valuable Life Lesson to Remember

Years ago, a true friend shared this story with me after I’d succumbed to the temptation to share damaging gossip. I’ve never forgotten this story – today was the day I would pay it forward. Once there was a foolish woman in a small village, who spread some gossip about another woman in the village. Before long the foolish woman began to feel remorse about what she had done so she went to the wise […] Read the Full Article »

Gorilla Parent Tommy Jordan Shoots Daughter’s Laptop Over Facebook Post

Have you seen the video or a least heard about it? Strong opinions have been shared over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and just about every news program under the sun. Opinions have been sharply divided about whether Jordan, a father, angry over a disrespectful message his 15-year-old daughter posted to Facebook, did the right thing by publicly posting his own eight-minute rant in response. What do you think? Parents get so frustrated with their children’s behavior, […] Read the Full Article »

Fairytales Do Not Exist – The Truth About Marriage

Marriage is hard. Subsequent marriages are even tougher. If you believe anything different, you’re setting yourself up for a huge letdown. Believe me, I’ve spent my entire life wanting the kind of love I thought my grandparents had. I’ve spent most of my life dreaming of finding my own fairytale – of becoming the one he couldn’t live without. Does. Not. Happen! Disney, Chick Flicks and television commercials feed misconceptions on what love, relationships and […] Read the Full Article »