Ashley Madison Did Not Create Cheaters

First of all, I’d like to point out that as MUCH as I despise the website Ashley Madison and ALL that it stands for – I have to point out that the website alone did NOT create cheaters. Ashley Madison simply served as a platform that made it easy for cheaters to cheat. If a person is flawed enough to cheat – they’re going to do it, one way or another. If you want proof […] Read the Full Article »

Dysfunctional Relationships Can Be a Blessing in Disguise

The news of Granny Baer’s passing has caused me to pause and reflect on the real blessings in my life. I don’t expect everyone, or anyone for that matter, to understand the functional, dysfunctional family and life I live, but it’s what has worked for me and my kids. When I divorced, I broke marital ties with the man – I didn’t break ties with his family. That somewhat set the pattern for what my […] Read the Full Article »

Must Love Dogs Falls for Must Love Cats

When and How to Introduce These Notorious Sparing Critters Dogs and cats have the age old reputation for not getting along. Dogs with their over-the-top happy attitude, wanting nothing more than to love and please their owner and cats with the “it’s all about me attitude” are typically polar opposites. But opposites can attract if you do it right. Much like how people size each other up when it comes to dating, personality is a […] Read the Full Article »

eHarmony Finds the Limits of Digital Dating

Looking for love? eHarmony has a Yente for you. Not an algorithmic version of the matchmaker from “Fiddler on the Roof” — that is, a software program that matches compatible online profiles. eHarmony’s Yente is a flesh-and-blood human being. For a steep fee of $5,000 a year – compared to roughly $700 for the regular membership – eHarmony offers access to a personal relationship coach, a service it calls eH+. The coach, usually a licensed […] Read the Full Article »

Remembering My Grandparents

This post first appeared on one of my retired blogs on September 9, 2008 My grandparents played a very large part in my life from a very early age. With my older brother being sick with a rare kidney disease that caused him to be in and out of Riley Children’s Hospital frequently, I stayed with my grandparents quite often. Some of my earliest memories were those of my grandma letting me drink coffee in […] Read the Full Article »