Hey Honey, Want to Shop with Coupon Codes Without Looking for Them?

Everyone knows I love to save money. I absolutely can’t stand to pay full price for anything! Having worked as a buyer several years ago, I know what the markup is on most retail. As much as I love saving money though, and try as I might, I just can’t get into the coupon clipping thing. I use CVS.com and make the most of my Extra Bucks. I use Digital Coupons from Dollar General and […] Read the Full Article »

USA Insulation Review and Personal Experience

If you are considering foam insulation and live anywhere in Indiana, eastern Ohio, northern Kentucky contact our sales/installation team to get the same attention and quality service we received. I provide their contact detail at the bottom of this post. We couldn’t be MORE pleased with our insulation. I provide details of our experience from start to finish here. If you have any questions at all, I am always an email away. OUR PERSONAL FOAM […] Read the Full Article »

Exploring the Truth About the High Cost of Prescriptions – It’s Not What They Want Us to Think

Pharmaceutical companies have told us that we must pay ultra-high prices for patented medications so they have money to continue research that will ultimately lead to the development of the next wonder drug. Like most everything involved with medicine, people in the U.S. pay much more for prescription drugs than anyplace else in the world. Of course name-brands always cost more than generics, but the U.S. that cost is much higher. In fact, here in […] Read the Full Article »

I saved a bundle on my prescriptions by using GoodRx

I’m not one of those people who is aging gracefully. Over the years, I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, seasonal effective disorder, ADD and OCD. Over the last several month’s, I have noticed a brain-fog that has had me so perplexed. Forgetting things is just NOT me. The OCD aspect of me has, for the most part, kept me on task and has helped me to remember things, even the most trivial things that […] Read the Full Article »

Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ Helps Downsize Your Kitchen

When I was growing up, summer was a time when my mom and grandma would always get together and make homemade Hillbilly Ham Salad. It was a real treat back then because it was such a huge chore to make, considering they ground everything out with an old fashioned meat grinder like this one. As I got older, I was introduced to food processors but still, it seemed like such a chore because food processors […] Read the Full Article »