USA Insulation Review and Personal Experience

If you are considering foam insulation and live anywhere in Indiana, eastern Ohio, northern Kentucky contact our sales/installation team to get the same attention and quality service we received. I provide their contact detail at the bottom of this post. We couldn’t be MORE pleased with our insulation. I provide details of our experience from start to finish here. If you have any questions at all, I am always an email away. OUR PERSONAL FOAM […] Read the Full Article »

Tragedy In the Heartland – Mental Illness and Depression are Real

Yesterday, my normal day was interrupted by a phone call from a friend who was attending a Veteran’s Day program at a small, local school that happened to be the school I attended, and one that my children attended most of their lives. When I saw his name on my phone, I knew instantly something was wrong. I answered, and straight away he said he noticed I was friends with a certain family on Facebook […] Read the Full Article »

Ashley Madison Did Not Create Cheaters

First of all, I’d like to point out that as MUCH as I despise the website Ashley Madison and ALL that it stands for – I have to point out that the website alone did NOT create cheaters. Ashley Madison simply served as a platform that made it easy for cheaters to cheat. If a person is flawed enough to cheat – they’re going to do it, one way or another. If you want proof […] Read the Full Article »

Tips to Keep Nude Photos from Leaking on the Internet

Over the last couple of days, there has been a lot of talk about celebrities who have had their personal, nude photos leaked on the Internet by hackers who were able to infiltrate their accounts, gaining access to the collections of nudies. Personally, I am of the belief that if you don’t want something shared, leaked, copied or stolen on the Internet, don’t store it on anything electronic or digital. Simple enough, right? Some have […] Read the Full Article »

4 Ways to Motivate Your Friends and Family to Change Their Bad Behaviors

Sometimes our loved ones make poor decisions, and in order to protect them, we hope to help them change their lifestyle. For example, if you have loved ones that suffer from drinking problems or are chain smokers, and you want to help them quit the bad habit, you try to find ways to help them to quit. Sometimes, people hold interventions to help people overcome their habits. In some cases, these interventions work, and in […] Read the Full Article »