Question from the Web: Why Do Conservatives Think They Own Christianity?

While visiting one of my favorite, social hangouts earlier today, I came across the question: Why do conservatives think they own Christianity? I’ve wondered that sometimes myself – although my version isn’t painted with such a wide brush. No one should categorize “all conservatives” or “all Christians” in to such small boxes. I thought about the question for a bit… my thoughts are: I’ve often joked, calling myself an "extreme moderate" because I easily fit, […] Read the Full Article »

Traci Nobles – No Regrets, No Apology, Christian Youth Org Stands Behind Sexting Cheerleading Coach? WTF?!?!

Watching Traci Nobles on Today. This is completely repulsive. She knew Wiener was married – but claims they never went into personal discussions. Traci acts as though she was at least respectful of Huma in that way. She says no regrets She won’t offer up an apology “it is what it is.” When asked what she would say to his wife – she said she doesn’t like to think about that. She was flattered at […] Read the Full Article »

Tea Party – Nothing more than a political bitch fest

I was going to ask if you’ve seen all these small gatherings of American people popping up across the U.S. – but then realized how silly that question would sound. Of course you’ve heard of them! I’ve bitten my tongue until now – but I can’t bite it anymore. Some people are saying Tea Party is spelled A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n-P-e-o-p-l-e Let me state for the record NO. ITS. NOT! I am American and I see these tea […] Read the Full Article »

Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases

The field of social psychology has long been focused on how social environments affect the way people behave. But social psychologists are people, too, and as the United States has become increasingly politically polarized, they have grown increasingly interested in examining what drives these sharp divides: red states vs. blue states; pro-Iraq war vs. anti-Iraq war; pro-same-sex marriage vs. anti-same-sex marriage. And they have begun to study political behavior using such specialized tools as sophisticated […] Read the Full Article »