Question from the Web: Why Do Conservatives Think They Own Christianity?

While visiting one of my favorite, social hangouts earlier today, I came across the question: Why do conservatives think they own Christianity?

I’ve wondered that sometimes myself – although my version isn’t painted with such a wide brush. No one should categorize “all conservatives” or “all Christians” in to such small boxes.

I thought about the question for a bit… my thoughts are:

I’ve often joked, calling myself an "extreme moderate" because I easily fit, quite definitively into each side, with staunch beliefs, easily defined by either sides.

When it comes to politics, I do try to leave my religion out of it.

I don’t think it takes a good Christian to be a good CEO, doctor, fireman, policeman, etc. Why should that factor into a person’s ability to run a country?

Oh, I wouldn’t want a person with a heart filled with hate, or someone who lacks spirituality at all, running the country.

I think having morals, values and beliefs that weigh on the side of goodness, kindness, peacefulness and prosperity are a MUST; whether or not a person is a Christian should not play into whether a person would be a good leader.

I consider myself to be a Christian. God has been very good to me. I have been blessed many times over. My family has experienced miracles that are beyond medical explanation. I believe, in my heart of hearts, God has always provided me with the proof I need to know I’m doing what he would have me do.

I have 2 signs that hang in my house. I appreciate when visitors read them and understand the clear message I wish to convey with them. They do have a purpose!

Sign 1 – Remember How Blessed You Are (I don’t need anyone force-feeding their beliefs on me to make sure I make it to the front of the "Been Blessed" line.

Sign 2 – You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips – I believe in leading by example not cramming what I believe down the throats of others.

My Bible commands me to love my neighbors, brothers and sisters – it commands me not to judge – it gives me comfort in letting me know it’s up to me to find my own salvation.

I believe every Christian has their own convictions (that little voice inside that tells you when something is wrong). Aside from the obvious commandments of not killing, stealing, etc. – I believe with all that I am, when a Christian strays from their own convictions, yes it’s wrong and it would be a sin.

I have a relative who thinks wearing jeans, makeup and cutting hair is a sin. I believe it would be, for HER. For me it is not. God did not put that conviction in my heart and I feel no guilt or shame when I throw on a pair of jeans, cut my hair or apply my makeup. That lack of guilt is what tells me I’m good with God!

This relative is quite vocal in letting me know she doesn’t think she’ll see me in Heaven because of this -  I on the other hand told her I’d save her a seat.

There is a HUGE difference between preaching/teaching the gospel and imposing your own set of convictions on others. I think that’s where a lot of Christian’s get confused.

Spreading the gospel is about spreading love, peace and all that is good. Not once, throughout the Bible, do you read of how Jesus force-fed his beliefs to another. He lead a righteous life. He would teach. He would answer questions. He would embrace others. 

Jesus NEVER flew off in a fit of emotional rage, as if to somehow seize control over the mind of another and shift their belief to align perfectly with his.

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