Rigging the Election – Backing Up the Video with Disturbing Proof

When Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies was first released, the explosive new video from Project Veritas Action that exposes Democratic dirty tricks, and a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign, social media lit UP with calls for media to cover the newly released video which seemed to fall on deaf ears. I had to wonder why – then I SAW why! Media […] Read the Full Article »

DNC LEAKED DOCUMENTS: DCCC Memo Calls Black Lives Matter a Radical Movement

Democratic House candidates should never say “all lives matter” under any circumstances, according to a highly confidential memo sent to staffers for the party’s congressional campaign arm, which was leaked this week and states using “all lives matter” as it will “anger BLM activists” and goes on to call it “the worst response.” So they can call it a radical movement or group and not be racist, but non-Democrats can’t? Read on… Image 1: Image […] Read the Full Article »

Liberal Media Puppet Chris Matthews is a Heartless POS Living in the Pocket of Hillary Clinton

  WASHINGTON POST: MSNBC host Chris Matthews claimed Monday that the mother of Sean Smith, a U.S. information management officer killed in the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, “ruined” the evening with her criticism of Hillary Clinton during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Mr. Matthews called it a “gross accusation” that Mrs. Clinton had anything to do with the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. MY COMMENT: Even when the REAL Benghazi report proved our […] Read the Full Article »

The Obvious Racism of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

So President Obama can call THIS disgusting piece of shit but he did not and has not EVER called the family of Kate Steinle (white girl shot by illegal who’d been deported 5 times) He did not and has not EVER called the family of Josue Flores (11 yo stabbed on his way home from school by a black man). Josue Flores and Kate Steinle  Do NOT tell me that man is not racist or […] Read the Full Article »

Another Mass Shooting in Bristol Tennessee that No One is Talking About

After 5 police officers were killed and another 8 people injured in Dallas, Texas, all attention seems to be focused on just that. Unfortunately, another mass shooting just took place – and there’s only one reason you didn’t hear about this one. With one woman dead and another three injured, Scott’s mass shooting violently ended as police shot him several times. The shooter was taken to an area hospital where he is expected to recover. […] Read the Full Article »