CNN Sinks to Lowest Low Yet – Promoting Threat of Violence Against Trump

Do you remember back on August 9th from a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, when Donald Trump's remarks about the right to bear arms was interpreted and pandered by CNN, DNC and Hillary supporters as a “threat of violence against Hillary?” Remember this by Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren? .@realDonaldTrump makes death threats because he's a pathetic coward who can't handle the fact that he's losing to a girl Here's the quote in case you need a […] Read the Full Article »

Fake News, Quotes and Facebook Meme’s About Malcom X

This particular meme captured my curiosity this morning. In shame, I realized I knew very little about Malcom X outside of the quotes that float around the internet from time to time. Because of THIS meme, I read through the Malcom X “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech that was delivered on April 3, 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio. In this speech, Malcom X spoke against the “white man” BUT he did so in the context […] Read the Full Article »

Here’s How Second Amendment People Can Deal with Hillary Clinton

This is just one more example of people hearing what the media TELLS them to hear. I watched it as it was happening and was SHOCKED to see people getting their panties in a wad. What I HEARD was the 2nd Amendment people – either voters or the NRA with all the massive amount of money they spend on lobbying, special interests and political contributions MIGHT be able to prevent her from getting to the […] Read the Full Article »

The Many Gun Lies of Hillary Clinton – Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

A friend of mine made this comment about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: I really feel that neither Hillary or “the Donald” are qualified to be in office. I am leaning towards Hillary at the moment because of her stances on gun control. Donald does not support increased background checks, bans on assault weapons, or independent studies on gun control. I can't vote for that. To which I responded with the following research finds: Donald […] Read the Full Article »

The REAL hidden agenda of the Democratic party

I've made it well known that, throughout my adult life, I have been a Democrat. In August, 2015, I became a Republican. I did so after the life of Kate Steinle was snuffed out at the hands of an illegal immigrant who had been deported FIVE TIMES and was living in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. Weeks went by and our sitting president NEVER acknowledged her death. While he had, in THREE DAYS, acknowledged […] Read the Full Article »