I wish Hillary Clinton would go away

Our country has been divided and we are sick of it! She made her entire campaign personal. You know what is personal? BENGHAZI. Ignoring Benghazi was a big mistake on her part. How “deplorable” of her! Photo Credit: Fox News Angela of Domestic Divapalooza Follow me @Divapalooza Please join us to keep the conversation going on...Facebook Read the Full Article »

George Soros Significant Ties to Women’s March Exposed

Not that many of us didn’t suspect it, and not that anyone who observes the world through strong liberal filters will read it, but here – this is a great article with stellar research that exposes the significant ties of George Soros and the D.C. Women’s March (which had nothing to do with women, but everything to do with Anti-Trump). The Women’s March on Washington, which was expected to draw hundreds of thousands of participants […] Read the Full Article »

CNN Sinks to Lowest Low Yet – Promoting Threat of Violence Against Trump

Do you remember back on August 9th from a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, when Donald Trump’s remarks about the right to bear arms was interpreted and pandered by CNN, DNC and Hillary supporters as a “threat of violence against Hillary?” Remember this by Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren? .@realDonaldTrump makes death threats because he’s a pathetic coward who can’t handle the fact that he’s losing to a girl Here’s the quote in case you need a […] Read the Full Article »

The Hypocrisy of Meryl Streep and Hollywood Elite

I am SO very disappointed in Meryl Streep. For many years, Bridges of Madison County has been one of my favorite movies I’ve owned it on DVD and have kept a recording on DVR for a very long time. There were several other films she’s starred in that ranked among my favorites, but I have absolutely watched my last Meryl Streep film. Meryl was quick to criticize someone for using their position of power and […] Read the Full Article »

Jill Stein the Big Winner of Day One Wisconsin Recount

First day Wisconsin recount totals in ACTUAL VOTES: Donald Trump -2. Hillary Clinton -1 vote. Jill Stein +17 and Gary Johnson +12 According to The Journal Times and Reid Magney, a spokesman for the state Elections Commission, the first results in Thursday evening were from Menominee County. Trump lost two votes compared to the initial count and Democrat Hillary Clinton lost one. Stein gained 17 votes and Libertarian Gary Johnson picked up 12 — a […] Read the Full Article »