DNC Can’t Survive in a Strong, Confident America


When the news spouts their polls that predict a “nail biter” race, continue to build up the liberal message and all but calls the race before it even begins — THEN the race results are FAR different than media predictions, I HAVE to turn on CNN!

Last night, following the Karen Handel win, I did just that. Watching the reactions and listening to their responses — well, it's entertaining to me! As I watched and listened, the two comments that were repeated several times was:

  • For a race in an historically safe RED zone to be THAT close, it's still a Democrat win.
  • The Democrats have tried multiple messages, multiple platforms and tactics and they still have nothing to show for the last four races.

It's beyond astonishing to me that they can't figure it out! They really don't get it! As an ex Democrat, it's frustrating for me to watch the party I fiercely supported disintegrate into a heap of garbage because they've gotten SO FAR removed from the good things they once stood for and practiced.

Over the last couple of years, I have gone from believing they can't figure it out to they know exactly what the problem is, they are are just determined to brainwash voters into supporting and following their “NEW” goals and agenda.

The Democrats KNOW that labeled politics is not working, still they push the labels that segregate people into smaller groups based on age, gender, race, religion and sexual preference. They feed those organized groups their empty promises of hope and change, hoping those groups will grow larger and be fruitful in producing more liberal/progressive voters.

What they choose to ignore is people like me! I only use the labels mentioned below as they are “assigned” to people like me and as an observation of the ways the left uses these labels to suppress me and my family based on a system I want no part of. I am:

  • married to a WHITE MAN who works in MANUFACTURING
  • mother of THREE WHITE MEN who work in MANUFACTURING
  • raised my boys as a SINGLE MOTHER without government assistance

You see, the left lost me with their ANTI-WHITE PRIVLEDGE message the day Kate Steinle was murdered. In the weeks that followed her death, I saw the political party I supported show their true intentions.

Democrats champion women until one is murdered by an illegal immigrant. They champion Hispanics until a child is murdered by a black man, and the list goes on.

As a mother of young WHITE MEN, I see the struggle. Each year when I do their taxes, it disgusts me to see the amount they pay into a system that supports a system that focuses on their demise.

When we live in a world where employers are FORCED to hire someone who is FAR less qualified simply because of the color of their skin, their gender or because of the God they worship, we have a serious problem.

I can NOT and will NOT EVER support a party that forces employers to overlook the BEST person for a job because of some jacked up law that forces them to maintain a certain percentage of labels.

Over the years I have watched friends and loved ones lose their jobs because they were shipped off to Mexico. I have watched families struggle and crumble because they couldn't secure the income to sustain their family because of the WHITE in their skin.

I will never subscribe to politics that divides people, encourages and feeds racism, weakens people through labels that give the illusion of strength when the end goal is to make them feel as weak as they possibly can to ensure they hang on the empty promises to make them stronger.

Democrats can NOT survive in a world filled with people who are strong, confident and self-sufficient. They MUST make and KEEP people weak, poor and dependent on government entitlements – otherwise their promises of strength have nowhere to go.

How is it that people are unable to see that DIVIDING people into labels will NEVER bring UNITY and EQUALITY?

DIVERSITY and UNITY have not, do not and will not EVER be the same thing. They are complete opposite.

If you truly want UNITY and EQUALITY then you MUST not subscribe to labels.

You MUST support and encourage people to take responsibility for their own actions, suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of their OWN actions.

Encourage people to take control of their OWN future.

Stop supporting and encouraging a victim mentality.

With FEW exceptions, we ALL are EXACTLY where we ARE because of CHOICES we made. If you don't like your situation, it's up to YOU to change it!

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