How To Survive A Cheating So-And-So, With Or Without A Midlife Crisis

When a friend with a philandering husband first mentioned how helpful Gay Courter & Pat Gaudette’s How to Survive Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis: Strategies and Stories from The Midlife Wives Club had been for her, at first I was just happy for her to have some help during her situation. But the more she talked about the book — and the ease with which she went through the process of healing over the eventual loss […] Read the Full Article »

Is it cheating or flirting?

There are a million articles written that discuss the differences between men and women and how they define cheating. Though I don’t agree with women who consider looking at other women cheating I have to chime in and say, I think it should be considered exactly HOW he’s looking.  Is it glancing?  Is it drooling with the chin in the lap? I was once married to a man who used to point out features he […] Read the Full Article »

Reasons not to date an adulterer

I love how so many articles on adultery are written with the man being the cheater.  Personally, I believe women are just as capable of cheating as any man I’ve ever met. 10 Things to Know BEFORE Dating a Married Man is a wonderful article listing several reasons that seem so common sense, but many people who are knee deep in love with an adulterer don’t stop to realize. The one thing that always made […] Read the Full Article »

Cheating shifts from office to online in a big way, the world’s largest infidelity dating service announced that their membership base has doubled in just one year.  The website went from 4.1 million members in 2009 to an impressive sickening 12.7 million U.S. members in 2013! To celebrate their 2008, 2 million members milestone, Ashley Madison has offered their 2 millionth member, Hillary08, 2 million free credits cheating attempts. This massive and wide-spread growth means that attached men and women can easily connect with […] Read the Full Article »

Do you define yourself by the relationship you’re in?

I’ve encountered some people recently, who are several years younger them me – who, from a distance, seem to define themselves by the relationship they are in.  I look at those people and my heart breaks.  I used to be one of them.  I know how much it hurts, how emotionally volatile it can me and how much damage it can do physically. When I was living with, and engaged to the first man I […] Read the Full Article »