Ashley Madison Did Not Create Cheaters

First of all, I’d like to point out that as MUCH as I despise the website Ashley Madison and ALL that it stands for – I have to point out that the website alone did NOT create cheaters. Ashley Madison simply served as a platform that made it easy for cheaters to cheat. If a person is flawed enough to cheat – they’re going to do it, one way or another. If you want proof […] Read the Full Article »

Is it cheating or flirting?

There are a million articles written that discuss the differences between men and women and how they define cheating. Though I don’t agree with women who consider looking at other women cheating I have to chime in and say, I think it should be considered exactly HOW he’s looking.  Is it glancing?  Is it drooling with the chin in the lap? I was once married to a man who used to point out features he […] Read the Full Article »

Why Men Cheat – This is beyond laughable

David Zinczenko from Mysteries of the Sexes Explained presents his argument of four reasons of Why Men Cheat – and while I can ‘understand’ (but not agree with) reasons 2 thru 4, I have to admit reason one is a DOOZY! Ok, before I even attempt to go where David Zinczenko did, let’s visit reasons 2 – 4, shall we? Reason 2 – To Get Attention (duh!) – I thought it was common knowledge that […] Read the Full Article »

Disappointed with your Mother’s Day? Women don’t get mad–they get what they want!

I was stunned, yet somehow found a bit of comfort in knowing women everywhere – as in global-everywhere were united on Mother’s Day in one giant pity party. I’ll admit, I was partying among the best party-throwers. About mid-day, my husband asked me if I was mad. I wasn’t angry as much as I was disappointed. I pride myself in my ability to channel my inner June Clever while holding up my fair share of […] Read the Full Article »

Caught Looking at Personal Ads! Is It Really a Crime?

Per an email question I received from a reader, I asked the question on Facebook and Twitter – and now I’m asking you! I was online the other night and decided to read some personal ads on Yahoo Personals. Reading them made for some interesting reading and really I was just curious. The next day my girlfriend was online and by way of our browsing history she saw the site I was on and was […] Read the Full Article »