Ashley Madison Did Not Create Cheaters


First of all, I’d like to point out that as MUCH as I despise the website Ashley Madison and ALL that it stands for – I have to point out that the website alone did NOT create cheaters. Ashley Madison simply served as a platform that made it easy for cheaters to cheat. If a person is flawed enough to cheat – they’re going to do it, one way or another. If you want proof – take a quick stroll through Craigslist and the Casual Encounters section. Just don’t eat before you do – you might throw up.

In the news today…

A California man is suing the infidelity website Ashley Madison and its parent company for negligence, saying he has suffered emotional distress. The lawsuit accuses Ashley Madison of failing to adequately protect clients’ personal and financial information, and seeks unspecified damages.

My Comment: It’s the Internet! Regardless of what anyone, anywhere has told you – there is NOTHING truly private or protected ON the Internet! Period! You can erase your history all day long – you can run scans and sweeps, but nothing will truly erase what you’ve done and where you’ve been. You can use a fake name and fake email address – but the minute you enter your credit or debit card information – your real identity is captured.

If you want something to remain private, personal or secret – don’t do it on the Internet.

The US lawsuit comes just days after police in Canada said two suicides in Toronto may have been linked to the Ashley Madison hack.

My Comment: The problem that lead to the suicide of these people goes WELL beyond Ashley Madison. Their mental corruption and character flaws cannot be blamed on a website. It’s not the website that is to blame. It’s not the hackers that are at fault. It is the choices these people made and the consequences they faced as a result of those actions that lead to their suicide. If they had not been caught, it’s hard telling just how deep and corrupt their “secrets” would have gone.

According to People, the Duggar family’s pastor, Ronnie Floyd, tackled the topic of infidelity during his Sunday sermon at the Cross Church in Arkansas. Floyd offered some advice that all but blamed the “real victim” in this by detailing what spouses can do to ensure that their significant others don’t stray. The very fact that he brought up the Ashley Madison scandal, it would seem that his words were directed at and about Anna Duggar.

Floyd told husbands and wives that they open themselves up “to the attack of the enemy” if they don’t have enough sexual contact with their spouses.

“And that enemy is going to take your spouse away from you,” he warned. “Both men and woman have their sexual needs met by someone, somewhere, somehow.”

My Comment: NEWSFLASH – sex addiction can not be blamed on the spouse. Sex addiction is real and it has NOTHING to do with that poor woman. Josh Dugger has issues – BIG issues and that preacher is doing NOTHING to help by taking the blame off Josh whatsoever. Josh made the choices he did and now it’s he that must pay the consequences.

My heart aches for Anna Dugger. I have been right where she is – feeling inadequate as if there were anything I could do to capture the attention of a wondering eye. As hard as it is to believe, nothing she could do or say would change him. That is a battle he will have to fight on his own.

Pastor Ronnie needs to stop spewing his opinions and call it what it is. It’s an addiction. It’s a sexual preference and it’s as ingrained in his DNA as the color of his hair and eyes.

If Anna Dugger had an ounce of self-confidence she would take those children and run as far as she could – far away from anyone or anything DUGGER! With a small amount of confidence, she can protect her children from a family that is obviously archaic in the way they choose to live.

At the end of the day, we can point the finger at Ashley Madison all we want, but we should be pointing the finger at the cheaters. As long as they have someone to blame or a crutch to lean on, they will never admit they have a problem – let alone, deal with it.

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