Must Love Dogs Falls for Must Love Cats

When and How to Introduce These Notorious Sparing Critters Dogs and cats have the age old reputation for not getting along. Dogs with their over-the-top happy attitude, wanting nothing more than to love and please their owner and cats with the “it’s all about me attitude” are typically polar opposites. But opposites can attract if you do it right. Much like how people size each other up when it comes to dating, personality is a […] Read the Full Article »

13 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship

1 Most, if not all, of your family and friends do not like or trust your partner. This can be a tricky one to recognize for several reasons. Parents, especially, may not state their lack of trust directly because they know that in our state of love & infatuation we romanticize the “you and me against the world” mentality — they also know that this is something which the toxic partner will exploit, driving you […] Read the Full Article »

How To Survive A Cheating So-And-So, With Or Without A Midlife Crisis

When a friend with a philandering husband first mentioned how helpful Gay Courter & Pat Gaudette’s How to Survive Your Husband’s Midlife Crisis: Strategies and Stories from The Midlife Wives Club had been for her, at first I was just happy for her to have some help during her situation. But the more she talked about the book — and the ease with which she went through the process of healing over the eventual loss […] Read the Full Article »

Why Every Single Adult Should Try Online Dating

For better or worse, I'm admittedly a connoisseur of online dating. And while the vast majority of first dates have been completely fruitless for forming a meaningful connection, they provided me with the most wonderful ancillary benefit: I have learned more about our society and humanity than any formal education could ever teach. I have learned to appreciate the decisions and lifestyles of everyone from artists fully subsidized by their megawealthy daddies to hard-working independent […] Read the Full Article »

14 Signs It May Be Time to Call It Quits

Some relationships live way past their life expectancies. The problem is, how do you know you’re not throwing out a baby with that bathwater? This Lifehack post offers fourteen signs that it’s time to end it. For example, if you find that nothing you say or do makes your partner happy, then you should consider ending it. Additionally, if you find yourself setting deadlines for your relationship to get better, but those deadlines keep going […] Read the Full Article »