What Makes Benghazi So Different Than Other Embassy Attacks and Why Hillary Is to Blame

This morning, a “friend of a friend” on Facebook commented on a post I made referencing Benghazi and all the research and reading I have been doing. Her comment reminded me SO MUCH of who I USED to be. Her Comment: “So tell me how pages of the investigations into the 13 attacked embassies and 60 USA citizens killed during the Bush Administration have you read? What were your findings in those? You know since […] Read the Full Article »

George HW Bush Voting for Hillary Clinton – Here’s Your Sign ‘Merica

This morning a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook that read, in part: What and why would ANYONE with 1 ounce of common sense vote for Hillary? She couldn’t protect 13-acres in Benghazi and people want her to be Commander and Chief of this country? To which one obvious Hillary supporter responded: Do you mean the way George W. Bush protected the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Actually, this is a VERY […] Read the Full Article »

Loving God and Supporting Donald Trump at the Same Time – It is Possible

Recently I found myself in the middle of a Twitter discussion regarding this New York Times video where apparently  reporters have covered Donald Trump’s rallies for more than a year. They report that Trump supporters at these events often express their views in angry and provocative ways. First of all, I’d like to point out they did point out they have covered Trump rallies for MORE than a year and then I’d like to point […] Read the Full Article »

Trump Says UAW Members Should Make Less Money – Fact Checking

First let me say I grew up on General Motors bread and butter. My dad has been a UAW member longer than I have been alive. My twins other grandfather was the Chairman of the UAW for Guide Lamp in Anderson, Indiana for several years. I have always stood behind the union – until recent years. Now I see it as a complete sham! With ambulance chasing lawyers and organizations like OSHA, there really isn’t […] Read the Full Article »

Elizabeth Warren Describes Hillary Clinton as a Puppet to Corporate Sponsors

Elizabeth Warren in 2004 describes Hillary Clinton is a PUPPET to corporate donors. My how times have changed her. She actually sounds like me in this video interview. Political corruption is a serious disease and with the wrong choices in November, it will cost us our country. How is it that people cannot see what motivates Hillary Clinton is BIG MONEY in DC and NOT the best interest of the American people? People, PLEASE open […] Read the Full Article »