George HW Bush Voting for Hillary Clinton – Here’s Your Sign ‘Merica

This morning a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook that read, in part:

What and why would ANYONE with 1 ounce of common sense vote for Hillary? She couldn’t protect 13-acres in Benghazi and people want her to be Commander and Chief of this country?

To which one obvious Hillary supporter responded:

Do you mean the way George W. Bush protected the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?

Actually, this is a VERY good teachable moment! Let me see if I can’t trigger a bit of clarity for you.

Read the following statement. Read it slowly and read it aloud. Read it a couple of times if you have to…

Just this week it was confirmed that George H.W. Bush will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

Now, let that sink in.

What does that tell you?

george hw bush voting for hillary clinton

There is NO party line when it comes to the Washington establishment and elite. Those who wish to keep and protect the establishment are NOT supporting Donald Trump. Those who have YOUR best interest at heart, rather than the lining of their own pockets are solidly behind Donald Trump.

I encourage you to explore and see how much money is sunk into the pockets of your favorite politicians and then determine if they really have your best interest at heart.

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