What Makes Benghazi So Different Than Other Embassy Attacks and Why Hillary Is to Blame

never forget benghazi heroes

This morning, a “friend of a friend” on Facebook commented on a post I made referencing Benghazi and all the research and reading I have been doing. Her comment reminded me SO MUCH of who I USED to be.

Her Comment:

So tell me how pages of the investigations into the 13 attacked embassies and 60 USA citizens killed during the Bush Administration have you read? What were your findings in those? You know since you do internet research better than the FBI I am just curious.”

Back when I was a diehard Democrat, I listened to the media like most liberals do. In fact, on May 1, 2014, I wrote THIS POST referencing the SAME “embassy attacks” she mentioned and fiercely defended Hillary Clinton. Thankfully, my eyes were opened by the brutal murder of Kate Steinle at which point I began to see the true bias and agenda of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

I have been taking notes as I read BOTH Benghazi reports, 13 Hours in Benghazi and The Real Benghazi Story. My PLAN was to put together a much more detailed, personal report, but given this topic presented itself this morning and since we are in such a critical election year with little time remaining, I put together this quick, but thorough analysis of just what it is that makes Benghazi DIFFERENT and why so many people are upset compared to other attacks that many THINK are similar, but are NOT.

My Response to that comment:

First of all WHAT makes Benghazi SO DIFFERENT is it was NOT an Embassy attack. Benghazi was a covert (secret) mission that was carefully organized UNDER radar. Because it WAS covert, military support and protection could NOT be provided. It would have revealed the “secret mission.”

Because it WAS secret and military support could not be provided, local members of the “17th of February Martyrs Brigade” were hired by the State Department to provide internal “security” at this “secret” mission. Those Martyrs gained access and knowledge of the “secret facilities” and then turned on the American’s inside.

Many requests had been made by the “secret agents” – they requested watch towers, they requested equipment and gear that would protect them. There was ONE PERSON alone that could grant or deny those requests. That person was Hillary. She is the ONE person who denied them what they needed. In fact, she signed orders to REMOVE people and equipment that would have been helpful during that attack.

The ENTIRE mission was organized to oust Gaddafi and coordinate arms shipments to the so-called Arab Spring, with emphasis on the Syrian rebels. It was supposed to be a part of Obama’s legacy – to aide in the freedom/democracy of Libya. 

An American arms merchant who sought to provide weapons to Libya was approved in MAY 2011 to ship more than $200 million weapons to Qatar which happened to be Turkey’s partner in aiding the Syrian rebels. Those weapons were quietly shipped along with “humanitarian aide” that was sent directly to Syrian rebels on the frontlines FIVE DAYS before the attacks on the Americans. Those attacks took the lives of FOUR AMERICANS – Ambassador Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and two CIA operatives Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

It doesn’t take a genius to link the Benghazi assaults with the classified reports of Stevens’ weapons dealings, while American’s were hiding in “secret locations” and would later be sacrificed in the name of this almighty secret mission that DID arm Syrian rebels that today we call ISIS.

So you see, at the most basic level, Hillary Clinton holds a great deal of responsibility for the strengthening power of ISIS.

Then, after the attacks, Hillary and Obama LIED to their faces, while speaking OVER the coffins of the victims and addressing their families, blaming a VIDEO that supposedly originated in the United States. Hillary knew immediately, DURING the attack, that it had NOTHING to do with a video. In fact, the email screenshot shown below is the actual email she sent to her daughter Chelsea (codename Diane Reynolds) shortly after 11 PM the very night of the attacks. It was more important to her to protect the mission and legacy of Barack Obama. She chose politics over humility, compassion and truth.

hillary clinton email to chelsea the night of benghazi attacks

THAT is a condensed version of my own notes from reading real documentation and accounts – not what the media was instructed to provide.

As you can clearly see, Benghazi is NOT just another “embassy attack in some hotbed war zone.” Benghazi was a mission designed to get weapons into the hands of the very people we are most concerned with today.

Just one more reason why I am an exDemocrat and will do anything and everything I can to research and expose all the false information that has been fed to liberal/Democrat supporters. Today, it’s hard for me to believe I was ever SO Brainwashed!

I CAN NOT and WILL NOT support anyone who sacrifices their integrity in the name of political/financial gain and agenda.


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