america votes It’s now two days after the American people took to the polls and cast their vote for the next President of the United States. Rather than rejoicing in any way, the media is stumbling all over themselves trying to figure out how they could have been SO WRONG.

While I think they are well aware of how this happened, I thought I would take a moment to point it out, especially for those who bought into the constant stream of lies spewed by major, national networks, but most especially CNN.  Since the primaries, I have referred to them as The Clinton News Network.

Let me count the ways…

1. You relied on oversampled polls. Wikileaks verified that the DNC called up oversampled polls that would heavily favor Democrats and obviously, as skewed as your polls were, you subscribed to the same practice.

2. You colluded with the DNC (source Wikileaks). Under the direction of the DNC you manipulated the primaries to ensure a Donald Trump or Ben Carson win. The DNC had been planning their attack for more than 2 years. They really believed those were the two candidates they could most easily beat.

3. The DNC schemed and manipulated the election during the primaries to ensure Bernie Sanders lost. His truest supporters NEVER forgot that.

4. You put too much stock in blacks, Hispanics, Latinos and immigrants. Fortunately, many of the minorities have figured out the Plantation Politics strategies of the Democratic Party. They’ve started realizing that the Democrats show up every 4 years, offer empty promises of hope and change, do everything they can to secure their votes and the disappear for another 4 years.

5. You didn’t listen to people in the RIGHT places. Throughout the election season, especially beyond the primaries, I followed, tracked, joined and read TONS of comments from people within black and Hispanic online communities. I saw with my own eyes, hundreds upon hundreds of people talking about Donald Trump in a very positive way. One instance that stood out most was a post on a Latino group that had a picture of a Latino looking man repairing the Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There were thousands of comments. Of the 800 or so that I read through, I found TWO negative comments. The rest of those comments were Latinos who WANT stricter immigration policies. They want illegal immigrants to stop lowering the wages they could make by doing the work for pennies. Like most every other American, they are sick of our jobs being sent out of the country while immigrants flood in.

6. You overestimated states like Michigan. It used to be that Michigan was a very loyal Democratic state. That was primarily due to the power and influence of the United Auto Workers (UAW). My thoughts on that are – in order to win a state where the UAW and it’s members are the primary voter base, don’t you kind of need UAW members to actually do the voting? With so many automakers moving jobs out of the country, essentially leaving cities like Flint and Detroit in ruins, there are very few UAW members left to vote.

7. You were FAR too biased. People get sick to death of watching media take such an obvious, biased position. You became the laughing stock. Very few people take you seriously anymore. The majority of people I know who can actually stomach watching your station do so to laugh and to see what the latest lies and bias you’re pushing are.

8. You said the Trump campaign had no ground game. President Elect had a much more effective ground game than Hillary Clinton could have EVER dreamed of. He had real people who loved him, supported him and did the leg work for him. Unlike the Clinton campaign who paid every participant for every role they played from entertainers and speakers to disrupters and protesters. Donald Trump had a real, genuine and passionate following.

Today you keep talking about Hillary Clinton won the popular vote – I beg to differ. If we were to remove the last minute felons who were allowed to vote; if we removed the illegals the eeked through and voted; if we removed the duplicate votes and if we removed the dead votes, I’m more than certain Donald Trump would have the popular vote too. That is unless you have also fudged THOSE numbers just to create a more dramatic and ongoing storyline, which I do believe is far more likely.

If you want to know where you went wrong, quite simply you took your eyes and ears off the people. You can’t follow a set agenda when there is so very much at stake.

You have also said James Comey lost this election for Clinton. NO! Hillary Clinton, her staff and her campaign lost this election ON THEIR OWN. They chose trickery, lies, deception and even broke the law to try and railroad Donald Trump, do you really think people wouldn’t notice?

Get over yourselves and stop wallowing in self-pity. It’s time to get with the program, accept reality and move forward with making this country the best it can be.

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