Dear America – Wake the EFF UP!

Donald Trump and Mike Pence in Indiana July 2016

This morning, I read an editorial piece in the Indy Star that was being shared by a few of my Hoosier friends following the announcement that Mike Pence will become the VP pick of Donald Trump.

Naturally, being in Indiana and since some of my friends were sharing, I read the article Dear America, this is Mike Pence by Matthew Tully. This is my response:

I’m glad Pence rejected the funding. As a former Democrat who voted for Obama twice and Hillary in her previous primary, I have watched them become two of the most racist, biased leaders EVER. Obama will call and invite the families of career criminals to the White House while he has YET to EVER call the families of Kate Steinle (innocent white girl, murdered by illegal immigrant who had been deported FIVE times) or the families of Josue Flores (innocent 11-year-old fatally stabbed by a black man when walking home from school).

The Obama Administration has completely manipulated people to further their own agenda. They allowed the victims of Benghazi to DIE because they felt a greater need to be politically correct and protect their agenda.

I have NO doubt that pre-school funding had Obama strings attached. Everything Obama does is a calculated manipulation that feeds his supporters a hopey-changey line of garbage while his entire administration lives WELL above the law. It’s all smoke screens! Obama ONLY cares about himself and his own agenda – and now, continuing his legacy.

I am SO glad I have seen those two for what they really are.

YES Donald Trump may “say” some things that I don’t like – but I’m not some whiny-assed 9-year-old girl who gets her feelings hurt with words. The ACTIONS of Obama and Hillary have divided this country like NO OTHER! Their ACTIONS are costing MORE lives than any other administration in recent history and they are two of the biggest benefactors of corporate Wall Street sitting on Capital Hill.

I HOPE and PRAY more people open their eyes to these two shysters. They are pathetic, racist, biased pieces of human flesh who are playing games with the American people.

Pay close attention! Obama and Hillary only care about Hispanics until they are attacked by a black criminal or murderer.

Obama and Hillary only care about people getting shot when they can use the story in their efforts to increase gun control – UNLESS the crime is committed by an illegal immigrant.

The show he made at the recent service for the fallen police officers in Dallas was nauseating. He turned the service into an infomercial for his Black Lives Matters and racist agenda. Shortly after he invites BLM to the White House! Disgusting!

If you are a Hillary supporter, I BEG you, open your eyes and ears. Listen carefully for her motivations. She does NOT care about you – she ONLY cares about herself, her agenda and continuing the work of the most racist president in U.S. history!

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  1. Dee says:

    I said from the very beginning of Pence’s governorship that he was setting himself up for a presidential run, not truly in it for the people of Indiana. I’m sure he was told to stand down for 2016 by the GOP hoping for a Jeb Bush nomination (I’m sure by the demands of the Bush dynasty).

    So, Pence got exactly what he strived for…a shot at the white house even though he won’t be the top dog…yet.

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