Tonight’s the night we make history…in Indiana

Earlier today, my three boys and I set out on an adventure that would take us to a place that’s both monumental and historical in many ways.

The boys and I stood in line for 3 hours to see Hillary Clinton and Evan Bayh in Anderson Indiana.  While we waited in line, we had some serious quality time to discuss the election, the fact that this campaign is so historical, issues that are important to us as a family and the candidates position on those issues.

We discussed the recent disappointing issues that have come to light over Barack Obama and his former minister, how we felt about his response to the racist remarks and while we may be left leaning, we did discuss McCain for a short time too.

As we got closer to the Wigwam entrance, I turned around to look at the line that was growing behind us.  It was amazing to me, the number of people who came out to see Hillary and hear what she had to say.  Actually being there felt almost surreal.  Here we were in a town that used to thrive because of the money that was generated from the auto industry and the many factories that once employed thousands.  To look around now, all that remains are wounded shells of what appears to have been beautiful, upper middle class homes.  If you look closely at the photos, you’ll see some of those in the background.

As my feet carried me closer to the door, the chills spread up and down my arms and the lump in my throat grew.  For the first time in my life, I felt a part of something much bigger then anything I’d imagined.  I looked around and saw an abundance of simple, humble folks who are obviously hardworking and so many like me who were waiting in line to show their support for the candidate that’s providing us with the hope and promise of a more safe and secure future.

When I left that rally, I walked out with the sense of purpose.   While I may not be entirely pleased with one candidate, one thing I do find the most comforting at such a crucial point in our life and in our economy is we know what Hillary is like.  We watched her for 8 years while Bill was in the White House.  We know what to anticipate and what to expect.  With Barack Obama, we’ve nothing to go on.  We’ve no history to track really.

At a time when, as a country, we are in such crisis – we don’t need to be taking chances on what might be nothing more than an empty promise.

I’ve been a long time fan of Senator Evan Bayh and would like nothing more then to see him tapped as the running mate of Hillary.  While no commitments were made today, there was a true feeling of partnership – of collaboration – of effort and of hope.

I hope that everyone who reads this will take the time to register to vote and to actually get out and cast their vote!

The boys and I are now looking forward to working as Hillary Clinton campaign volunteers on Saturday morning.  We’re going to do some canvassing in hopes of encouraging more to get out there and vote!

Now we’d like to share a few pictures with you from our rally participation earlier today.

Clinton 001

The photo above is looking toward the line that was formed in front of us.

Clinton 002

This is a photo of Coty, Trey and Denton weathering the cold.  You can see the line between Coty and Trey’s shoulders.

Clinton 004

Loads of supporters with Hillary signs.  They were fired up, excited and full of hope!

Clinton 008

This is the security check point we had to go through to get into the rally.

Clinton 022

This is one side of the three sides that were filled with supporters.

Clinton 031

The kids just down and to your right of the post are holding signs that say Bayh for Vice

Clinton 037

Bet you can’t guess where this supporter is from?

Clinton 050

Light blue shirt/red tie is Evan Bayh and just to the right of him is Hillary in the bright blue.

Clinton 069

A close up

Clinton 070

The lady in the light colored shirt lost her job and her home when the auto industry left Anderson.

Clinton 073

Clinton 079

The kids captured this one – it’s a little blurry but I do like it!

Clinton 055

This is Evan and Hillary with hands locked in a manner that just screams success and celebration.

That’s about all I have for now.  I’m really wiped out and crashing from such an amazing natural high all day.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to say as the memories of today set in!

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