Chris Quinn Accuses Donald Trump and Marco Rubio of Attending Anti-Gay Event in Florida

Chris Quinn shouts at Kayleigh Mcenany Last night while watching the Clinton News Network, Hillary Clinton supporter Christine Quinn and Donald Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany erupted on CNN over the Orlando shooter’s father sitting prominently behind Clinton at her Florida rally this week. McEnany said that “we cannot control how third parties support us,” but made the case that Mateen is with Clinton because of her “weak” policies on ISIS.

McEnany had a massive grin for most of the segment, probably because she was getting to go after Clinton instead of having to excuse Trump’s latest screw-up. She called it “unfathomable” that Seddique Mateen may have been put there by the campaign.

Quinn EXPLODED and said “they” fully disavowed him, calling her insinuations “beyond offensive.” When McEnany tried to jump in, Quinn shouted, “Wait a minute, no!… You can’t ask me a question!”

MY COMMENT: I’ve searched HIGH and LOW for PROOF that Hillary Clinton disavowed Seddique Mateen and find NOTHING. All I have been able to find is that Spokesman, Nick Merrill has said “Hillary Clinton disagrees with Seddique Mateen’s “views and disavows his support.

However, unlike the calls and attacks against Donald Trump for not publically and verbally disavowing David Duke of the KKK, Hillary Clinton has not and the Hillary Campaign has done nothing more than play down the appearance of Saddique Mateen at her Kissimmee rally earlier this week.  

Quinn goes on to list her ABC’s in defense of Hillary Clinton. On her list, ITEM C is the one that caught my attention most. “C – Donald Trump is GOING tomorrow, WITH Marc Rubio, IN Florida, NOT far from the Pulse nightclub, where 49 LGBT people were massacred to an anti-gay organization event. So DO NOT try to equate the mistake the was made by her campaign staff, and I agree with Tara, that whoever was in charge of crowds last night should LOSE THEIR JOB.”

McEnany responded, “Can I ask you a question?”

Quinn, still shouting, “and wait a minute, wait a minute, NO YOU CAN’T ASK ME A QUESTION!”

McEnany said, “‘Cause you can’t answer the question!”

Quinn shot back, “Oh, you can’t ask me a question, honey, I can’t answer!”

The question was “What attracted the father of the Orlando terrorist to you candidate?”

Quinn went on with some mumbo-jumbo about the man being mentally ill.

Watch the exchange on YouTube here

Now, back to Quinn’s point C! I couldn’t stop thinking about her statement about Donald Trump attending an event with an anti-gay organization. So, as usual, I had to find the TRUTH!

Once I found the TRUTH, I just sat and shook my head, like I do often these days at every bit of shit the Clinton campaign or her supporters throw at Donald Trump.

Here’s the TRUTH!

The Wall Street Journal reports Donald Trump is scheduled on Thursday to attend a private gathering of PASTORS in Orlando with Marco Rubio. This event is hosted by the America Renewal Project, which describes itself as “people of faith affecting public policy.” When I clicked through the link they had described as “propagates anti-gay bias” to see just WHY and HOW this organization got the label of being anti-gay, this is what I saw! Screenshot below or you can click the image to see the page for yourself.

donald trump marco rubio attend anti gay event in florida

How in the name of ALL that is Holy they can twist that so ridiculously to make it an anti-gay thing, is beyond me. It is a luncheon for PASTORS and their SPOUSES.

Again, believe half what you see and none of what you hear.

Chris Quinn is a loud-mouthed buffoon! She HARDLY has any room to point the finger at anyone and call them bully to any degree!

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