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First let me say I grew up on General Motors bread and butter. My dad has been a UAW member longer than I have been alive. My twins other grandfather was the Chairman of the UAW for Guide Lamp in Anderson, Indiana for several years. I have always stood behind the union – until recent years. Now I see it as a complete sham! With ambulance chasing lawyers and organizations like OSHA, there really isn’t much of a need for unions anymore.

Yesterday, a friend of mine shared a UAW article on Facebook. As soon as I saw it, I KNEW it couldn’t possibly be true. At least not the version they were sharing. Since we all know how information disappears from the Internet, I have copied the article here:

UAW, May 31, 2016: Last year, as part of the endorsement process, the UAW asked Donald Trump, and all presidential candidates, to respond to our questionnaire to give them the opportunity to seek our support. We didn’t hear back from Donald Trump.

In fact, he told the Detroit News that UAW jobs should be sent to states that are hostile to unions and have low-wage jobs, all to force UAW members to compete with lower, Mexican wages.

“Donald Trump said in Detroit during the Michigan primary election that he would close Ford plants in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kansas, and then tell workers if they want their jobs back to come back for less money,” said President Williams. That’s not a presidential candidate that is good for American workers.

The decision to endorse a presidential candidate involved all UAW regions which gathered input from members and listened to their thoughts about the presidential race. The UAW’s International Executive Board then voted unanimously to endorse Secretary Clinton, who supports the needs of workers. We don’t want to endorse a candidate, Donald Trump, who says UAW members should make less money.

“It’s time to unite behind a strong candidate. Hillary Clinton has proven she’s a leader. She has been scrutinized, she has been criticized, and she is a tough individual,” said Williams.

As the presidential primary race continues, the process has reached a pivotal stage. Hillary Clinton is poised to win the Democratic nomination, and the UAW is focused on which candidate will best represent the needs of America’s workers.

As union members, we know the president we elect in November will have influence over the future of UAW members for years to come. That’s why it’s critical now to endorse the candidate who will best support the needs of America’s working families as we face the upcoming general election.

The candidate who will best support us is Secretary Clinton. Her challenger, Senator Sanders, is a friend of the UAW and all working families, and he has helped focus the election on issues of importance to the UAW. But it’s time to get behind one candidate – Secretary Clinton.

Here is my response AND the truth!

That is NOT what he said. Here’s the “full” comment from Detroit News.

Trump disclosed in an interview with The Detroit News Wednesday that Ford CEO Mark Fields wrote to him explaining the automaker’s planned $2.5 billion investment in Mexico after Trump criticized Ford in June. And Trump suggested one way to stop automakers’ expansion to Mexico is by moving some production out of Michigan to lower-wage states.

“I don’t like what’s happening,” Trump said in the 15-minute telephone interview. “We’re losing our jobs. We’re losing our wealth. We’re losing our country … Why can’t we do it in this country? It’s an incredible thing that we’re not allowed to make our product.”

Trump said he backs government tax incentives to keep auto production in the United States. He said the U.S. shouldn’t open its market to Japanese imports unless it drops trade barriers.

The United States has lost more than 5 million factory jobs since 2000; Michigan has shed more than one-third of its manufacturing jobs since then. In an appeal to blue-collar workers, Trump vows to keep the more than 12 million manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

We’ve got to keep (factories) here. It’s not that hard to do,” he said. Without action, he added, “pretty soon all we’re going to have is nursing home jobs.”

Trump has repeatedly said that if elected, he would not allow Ford to open a new plant in Mexico. At his campaign announcement speech in New York in June, Trump said he would call Fields to explain the “bad news.”

Let me give you the bad news: Every car, every truck and every part manufactured in this plant that comes across the border, we’re going to charge you a 35 percent tax,” Trump said. “They are going to take away thousands of jobs.”

My Comments:

SO if they were going to relocate to Mexico because they couldn’t afford the higher wages, it would make sense to relocate them within the states to keep the jobs here in the U.S. right?

Trump Says UAW Members Should Make Less Money – Fact Checking

Now, if you REALLY want to know the REAL reason the UAW is so far up Hillary’s ass, here’s a VERY CLEAR picture why! It’s ALL about the money and the favors she will do for the UAW. NOT the workers, but the UAW officials and the corporate executives. You don’t have to believe me – go to and do your own research – but as you can see here, and this is only ONE example of union/political corruption – it spans FAR and WIDE.

Just one more reason I am so thankful to Kate Steinle for opening my eyes just over a year ago. Her death at the hands of an illegal immigrant was just the beginning for me. It’s unbelievable just how much corruption and lies you see when you stop drinking the Democrat Kool-Aid.

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