More Fake News: Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Replacement is NOT a Death Sentence for Cancer Patients

This morning this article come across my feed on Facebook:  Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Replacement Is A Death Sentence For Cancer Patients which opens up by saying: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan made it clear during his CNN healthcare town hall that his plan to reduce healthcare costs involving moving cancer patients to high-risk pools that will be run by the states with benefits capped. In other words, cancer patients will be given less healthcare […] Read the Full Article »

Why These Senator’s Voted Against Cheaper Medicines

Scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, I came across this image and knew there had to be much more to the story. This is one industry that has a LOT of money invested in D.C. and it’s not just going in the pockets of Democrats – BOTH sides are equally corrupt when it comes to pharmaceutical and health care.    My first thought was they are simply motivated by the money they receive from […] Read the Full Article »

Substance Abuse and Politics – Drain the Swamp

As IF we needed more reason to clean out the incumbents! Just shy of halfway down this page, on the right are images/graphs that show the gross amount of money being sunk into politicians pockets. In 2006, $815 mil. was split on a state/federal level at the rate of Democrats 45% and Republicans 54%. Just more proof to me that true party lines no longer exist! If you don’t have time to research the candidates […] Read the Full Article »

Exploring the Truth About the High Cost of Prescriptions – It’s Not What They Want Us to Think

Pharmaceutical companies have told us that we must pay ultra-high prices for patented medications so they have money to continue research that will ultimately lead to the development of the next wonder drug. Like most everything involved with medicine, people in the U.S. pay much more for prescription drugs than anyplace else in the world. Of course name-brands always cost more than generics, but the U.S. that cost is much higher. In fact, here in […] Read the Full Article »

Trump Says UAW Members Should Make Less Money – Fact Checking

First let me say I grew up on General Motors bread and butter. My dad has been a UAW member longer than I have been alive. My twins other grandfather was the Chairman of the UAW for Guide Lamp in Anderson, Indiana for several years. I have always stood behind the union – until recent years. Now I see it as a complete sham! With ambulance chasing lawyers and organizations like OSHA, there really isn’t […] Read the Full Article »