Ted Cruz is so busy playing politics, he forgets truth and reality

I watched the CNN town hall in Wisconsin last night. I thought Ted Cruz and John Kasich sounded like the typical, polished politicians they are; saying and doing whatever they, or their campaign, thinks necessary to secure those votes.

Right out of the gate, Trump called out Ted Cruz for calling Florida his home state while discussing a 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas. Granted, it was probably an innocent slip, but it just goes to show me that Ted is FAR more focused on his “talking points” and being “political” than allowing the easy truths to roll off his tongue.

The thing I found MOST troubling about Ted Cruz was the fact that he KEPT mentioning attacks on his wife, and his children.


The Washington Post DID run a cartoon depicting Ted Cruz's daughters as trained monkeys AFTER Ted used his WIFE AND DAUGHTERS as political props in a parody Christmas infomercial where they were sitting on a couch, reading a Dr. Seuss book, making fun of Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz Children as trained monkeysAfter the cartoon ran, Ted Cruz was quick to condemn it with this tweet:

ted cruz tweet defending his daughters 

The cartoon was pulled and Washington Post apologized – still, that did not change the fact that Ted Cruz offered up his own children as sacrificial lambs in his game of politics by including them in that parody.

It’s one thing to include them in REAL and mature clips, but it’s another to draw them into a JOKE!

Not Cool!

Donald Trump was also quick to respond, criticizing the cartoon with this tweet:

donald trump comments on ted cruz daughters in cartoon

The thing about Ted Cruz is he LOVES to cast the first stone and then scream victim or try to use psychology on voters claiming attacks on his wife and his daughters.

Anderson Cooper asked Donald Trump about this whole “wife” drama and criticized Trump for saying “he started it.”

The thing is, I have ALWAYS BEEN the kind of person who believes if someone else is going to start something with me, I am going to finish it. So in that respect, I GET IT!

I don’t care HOW much Ted Cruz claims he didn’t know about the ad featuring Melania Trump, that ad was IN HIS FAVOR – HE KNEW! NO doubt about it! But, we will never know the absolute truth! Will we?

I do have to ask though – Why is it okay for Ted Cruz to defend his wife, but Donald Trump is criticized for doing the same?

Now, I encourage you to keep track of how many times Donald Trump mentions the wives per day, versus how often Ted Cruz mentions those attacks. It was a stunt that has given him a lingering reason to BE a victim and channel his inner John Wayne, badass, rushing to the defense of his wife and kids.

Honestly, Ted Cruz trying to pull off this badass bit? PeeWee would do a better job!

From DAY ONE, there has been something about Ted Cruz that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand. It’s because he is a shyster! I really feel sorry for the people who are being lured into his deceptions. But, I get it – I was sucked into the deceptions of Barack Obama – not once, but twice! It happens.

As for Donald Trump and that asinine GOP loyalty pledge? WHY SHOULD DONALD TRUMP HONOR THAT PLEDGE?

Donald Trump is the ONLY one who HAS repeatedly said he would honor that pledge – all the while, the other candidates have spent the majority of their time, scheming up a plan to keep Donald Trump from getting the nomination.

If Donald’s name had been Jeb, this whole race would have ended a LONG time ago and the entire party would be unified behind ONE candidate.

The FACT that Donald Trump is the ONLY threat to the BIG money and sponsored, paid-for, politicians in D.C. is the ONLY reason they are fighting SO hard against him.

Please do – keep track of how often Ted Cruz acts all badass with the “defending wives” thing.

Now, I HAVE to ask this – If he is such a badass, why is he NOT coming out against the National Enquirer and their sex scandal story as hard as he is fighting against Trump for a tweeted photo of Heidi?

I fully expect this to be similar to the whole Tiger Woods story – the only difference is, this is politics which means it’s going to be more difficult, scary and possibly, deadly, for anyone to really come out with the REAL TRUTH. Even though I find it VERY difficult to believe Cruz could find THAT many women willing to sleep with him.


Think about it! Seriously, THINK ABOUT IT!

As Judge Judy often says, if it doesn’t make sense…

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  1. Robin says:

    I have to say I have been reading your post religiously. I have never seen anyone who expresses my sentiments as clearly as you do. Word for word it sounds as if you can read my mind.
    I can only hope that the country has a mind of their own and can see past the sheeple position that the news media (State TV) throws at us 24/7.
    By the way, “Sheeple” for anyone who does not know, is a term the politicians and news media use to describe the American public.

    • Gayla says:

      Thanks for commenting Robin and for reading. I love having my blog to get thoughts out of my head. It’s nice to know people are actually reading and that I don’t sound like some loon 🙂

      The media drives me NUTS! The polished politics drives me even MORE insane!

      I am shocked that so many people can’t pull the real meat from reporting and combine it with the actions of those running to figure out the REAL truth!
      I’m SO glad to know I am not the only one!

      You’re welcome to chime in and share your thoughts any time! It’s nice being surrounded by those who GET IT!

  2. Great post! Cruz’ delivery seems stiff and over rehearsed. He repeats the same stuff over and over and over — again (LOL, he always says that he is the only candidate that can and has beaten Trump “over and over and over …again”. It’s monotonous. I am a Rand Paul and Ron Paul supporter and Cruz’ and the RINOs approach to the Middle East has not and will never work. We will only continue to spend ourselves into oblivion and lose more of our sons and daughters there. Trump has said he stands with Israel, but he has also said he would like to try his skills at brokering peace. The stupid GOP and Cruz want to take that off the table.

    I have seen the Fields video numerous times and there definitely is no evidence of battery there. I have seen the publicly filed and false police report as well. I guess Fields did not realize that a video of the incident was going to be released! She pushes her way past SSA and other reporters and reaches out and either touches or grabs at Trump’s sleeve as he is walking out after the presser. In the video Trump reacts surprisingly and jerks away and looks down at her hand then continues walking as she is pulled away. Who the hell does she think she is? Is she some major Media Princess with exclusive rights to go wherever she pleases and to push her way into the space of any candidate? She is lucky the SSA didn’t floor, cuff and haul her away.

    • Gayla says:

      I feel the SAME way about Cruz being so rehearsed and his talking points being used over and over. It’s almost like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher now. Wha-wa-wa-wah…

      As for Michelle Fields, she thought she was embarrassed at the incident and thought she could save face by filing charges – but you are right – in this day and age, when there are video camera’s EVERYWHERE, how could she possibly think the truth would not come out?

      Does she NOT realize HOW many camera’s are rolling on Mr. Trump at all times?

      It’s just laughable.

  3. You have to admit it Gayla, Trump is simply not nearly as polished as he needs to be. Things are only going to get much worse for him going forward as the media, the GOP Establishment, BLM, NBPP, Code Pink, Democrats, and a whole host of other liberals and politicians try to drag him down like a baby buffalo on the range being attacked by wolves. It horrific to watch.

    I think one of the problems Trump has is that he is overconfident in his ability to counter punch. Up until just recently the counterpunching has been working great for him and nothing seemed to dull his shine. However, ever since Utah, I get the sense that he’s finally been wounded and the wolves are sensing blood. FOX and Megyn Kelly are the worst as they are playing to the Republican base.

    Going forward he needs to focus 100% on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Trump has nearly twice as many delegates and Cruz and to tell you the truth his repeating “Lying Ted” is getting a bit stale. I think he definitely needs to hire a bunch of great advisors to assist him going forward navigating through the media. Newt Gingrich would be a great addition if he is available.

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