Ted Cruz Broke The Unspoken Rule and Now His Wife Is Paying The Price

This morning, many people are criticizing Donald Trump for counter-attacking Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi for an advertisement targeting Mormons that shows Trump's wife, Melania, posing nude for G.Q. photo spread more than a decade ago. That ad was produced by an anti-Trump super PAC, Make America Awesome, which has no known connection to the Cruz campaign.

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While the super PAC may not be connected with Ted Cruz, it WAS an advertisement intended to run in his favor.

Ted Cruz preaches that wives, children and families should be left out of politics, yet his only responses to this ad was “I didn’t know anything about it” and “I had nothing to do with the ad.”

Update: Someone pointed out to me that last night on MSNBC, Ted Cruz did call the Melania ad “inappropriate.” That’s good! I would still like to see him flat out reject ads that include wives or family, whatsoever and condemn anyone who runs them. Put this whole mess to bed and move on with more important matters!

My issue is this – IF Ted Cruz REALLY believes ALL wives, children and family should be left out of politics, then why did he not condemn the ad? Why did he not reject it, rather than channeling his own inner-Liberal and using lame excuses to deflect the blame?

Because it was IN his favor and it was NOT HIS wife, children or family.

In December, Cruz was criticized for the parody Christmas infomercial that aired during the Saturday Night Live Broadcast In Iowa, mocking Donald Trump. Anyone remember that?

ted cruz family parody anti donald trump

Senator Ted Cruz, by his OWN actions, brought his own family into politics. This particular ad is blowing up in his face, and his wife, Heidi, is being shown in a not-so-pleasant light. Now he wants to criticize other people for brining HIS family into politics?

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I don’t think so Ted!

EVERYONE knows when you go on the attack of Mr. Trump, he will bite back and in a similar fashion, but far more fierce.

Ted could have nipped this whole thing in the bud if he had simply condemned and rejected the ad featuring Mrs. Trump as being less-than-tasteful and reiterating his “supposed position” that wives, children and family are OFF LIMITS.

Mr. Trump? A coward? I don’t think so!

What Ted Cruz is, however, is two-faced – typical of anyone within the Washington political establishment.

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  1. Margaret Sanchez says:

    Don’t dish if you can’t take getting dished back. Trump 2016. If Cruz was a true constitutionalist he would drop out instead of being a part of the establishment plan. I lost all respect for Cruz. He wasn’t my choice but now I’m just angry.

  2. Richard Santomauro says:

    Anyone who believes that there is no communication between a candidate and their Super Pacs is living in a dream world universe where idealism trumps reality. Note to readers: Google Ted Cruz Super Pac Keep the Promise I and look at Dan Wilks who donated $15,000,000 to this political action committee. $15M! You think that there is no quid pro quo? Cruz is a patsy who is being used to stop Trump from reaching the 1237 finish line. If successful the RINOs will coronate Jeb Bush who garnered about 3% of the vote during his run for the nomination. If that happens start saying out loud “President Hillary Rodham Clinton”. The 3 peat will be complete, McCain, Romney and Bush, and it will be the end of the Republican Party.

    • Gayla says:

      That’s exactly why I like Donald Trump so much. No excuses. He may be an ass, but what you see is what you get! None of this secrecy BS that goes on behind closed doors with a nod and a wink-wink. I can’t believe Cruz really thinks everyone will believe he knew nothing about it. And even if he didn’t – REJECT it. He said it was “inappropriate” AFTER the bad images of Heidi started flying – but NOT ONCE has he rejected it.

  3. David says:

    When filibustering Obamacare a few years ago, he read Green Eggs & Ham to his girls on the Senate Floor. So the concept of family no longer being off limits is something he introduced. He reminds me of one of those televangelists who gets bad press.

  4. Robin says:

    Refreshing to see people can see thru all the (state run) biased TV network news. It gives me hope that the people just don’t blindly accept all they hear, but actually question the motives and opinions they here on TV. Keep up the good work.

    • Gayla says:

      In the days of mass media and social media, it’s hard to get people to see the difference between truth and lies. Unfortunately, we have to depend on common sense and hope more people actually have it than those who obviously don’t.

  5. linda white says:

    Cruz has always made me feel like he’s for whatever helps him win…like his actions against Ben Carson in Iowa, deciding HE would suddenly build a wall & becoming strong against immigration. You could always tell Hillery was a poll watcher too where Trump says what he honestly believes. Saw you on FOX news…now a follower. I too was a lifetime democrat as well as my family (65 yrs old). When Bill Clinton disgraced the oval office in my, yes MY whitehouse (it belongs to all Americans) is when I left the party.

    • Gayla says:

      Linda, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s always difficult for me to believe anyone with a political history at all. Especially when I go to OpenSecrets.org and see the thousands of dollars stuffed in their pockets from special interest and lobby groups. It’s hard to believe they are actually doing what is best for the people and for the country rather than what’s most accommodating to their own financial gain. That’s one of the biggest reasons I am so excited at the possibility of having someone in the White House who can’t be bought and has never been bought. It would be nice to see what can become of this country when the big money is out of DC and redirected toward areas where it can benefit the country most.

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