Ted Cruz is trying to tap into the anger that drives Donald Trump supporters! Don’t be fooled.

ted cruz halt to syrian refugees

Has anyone else noticed how Ted Cruz is suddenly sounding a LOT like Donald Trump with his call to HALT Syrian Refugees in the United States?

Have you noticed how Ted Cruz is suddenly talking about “building a wall?”

I've heard whispers about a “less than tasteful” ad that was ran in Utah from one of the “Anti-Trump Super PAC's” that featured photos of Melania Trump from a photo spread that appeared in G.Q. years ago. That was a complete effort to manipulate Mormon voters – and obviously it worked. Cruz won Utah.

  • If Ted Cruz truly had NOTHING to do with that ad, he would condemn it. He is NOT.
  • If Ted Cruz truly believes that families should not be brought into the “politics” – he would say so. He is NOT!

By NOT speaking out against the Melania Trump ad, he is condoning the ad. And why not? It won him Utah.

So, if he does not wish to follow the unspoken rules of politics by condemning ads that feature spouses and family, that means he is open to it and makes him fair game for whatever attacks may be coming down the pike toward his camp.


Seriously people, back on topics, we can't let this happen.

Please, please, please, I beg you to look at the money that is going into Ted Cruz and John Kasich right now! The BIG money that owns and runs Washington D.C. is scared. They are doing anything and everything they can to stop Mr. Trump because they don't want to lose that power.

Don't let that happen!

Wouldn't you LOVE to see what our world is like when it's not being controlled and manipulated by the extreme wealth?

Wouldn't you like to see what REAL politician's can accomplish when they are not motivated by financial gain?

Wouldn't you like to get all the nod's and wink-winks out of politics?

I know I sure would.

The ABSOLUTE, AND ONLY WAY to make this happen is to VOTE for Donald Trump. And to stand with him all the way through the general election in the fall.

Don't believe the polls that suggest he would lose to Hillary. That is just one more manipulation by the BIG MONEY to scare you into voting for who THEY want you to vote for.

WAKE UP! Pay attention! The writing is SO CLEARLY on the wall.

It's NOT Donald Trump who is scared of his competition – it is his competition who is afraid of him and they are doing anything and everything they possibly can to stop him. They WANT to keep the big money IN politics! Their $175,000 a year salary isn’t enough! They want all that lobby and special interest money! Obviously!

Don't let it happen.

YES, Donald Trump is harsh. Yes, he is an ass sometimes – but what you see is what you get. There is NO guessing with him.

He cannot say that ads ran against Cruz are not his, because they are. Unlike Ted Cruz who can LIE and weasel his way out of any negative comment made, by blaming it on Super PAC's or whatever.


With Ted Cruz – you are seeing a bought-and-paid-for-politician.

With John Kasich – you are seeing a man, with a campaign, funded and paid for by the SAME man who is funding Hillary. It's SO obvious why he's still in.

A VOTE FOR KASICH is NOT a vote for Trump – it IS a vote for Hillary!

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