Donald Trump Looks to Win Indiana Primary

Trump Indiana

This morning, while scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a piece by Fox59, shared by a local radio station, 99.5 WZPL. The headline read: Trump has high hopes of winning Indiana primary.

Naturally I LOVED the post with the cute little heart icon!

While reading through the comments and seeing the people who are drinking the DC Establishment flavored Kool-Aid, I left the following comment:

At the root of EVERY decision made in DC, is money. Lobby and special interest groups drive DC. That is why I am SO supportive of Trump. He is not owned or sponsored by any lobby/special interest groups. As president, he would not take a salary and his whole purpose for being there is to get this country back in shape rather than going in with financial motives. shows EVERY politician and who puts money in their pockets. Senators make an average salary of $175k yet most are multi-millionaires. That money is coming from interest groups buying their votes to get decisions made that are in their own benefit. Funded politicians don’t care about US – they only care about the money they can make selling off their power.

I want more than anything to see exactly how DC would operate when the lobby and special interest groups can’t buy power from EITHER side and Mr. Trump is the ONLY one in a position to accomplish this.

Of course I expected there to be response from the poor souls hanging out in the Free Lunch crowd. Sure enough, this response popped up:

I think you are incorrect. Trump is owned by a special interest group…… HIMSELF! Look how he has run his companies. He will screw over anyone he can make a buck on including you!

To which I responded:

Not a chance! You’re drinking the Kool-aid that politics is wanting you to. I used to be a democrat and used to believe all their hype – but doing my own EXTENSIVE research has changed my mind in a big way. and VoteSmart are two very powerful, revealing resources everyone should dig into to see who the major power players are in DC. They need to be kicked out! Trump may be an a$$ sometimes, but at least he’s not sneaky in his motivation. I wouldn’t want him as a spouse, but I damn sure want him in the White House.

Another poor soul chimed in with:

I’ve always wondered what type of idiot would vote for this guy- thanks…. Mystery solved.

As if I am the ONLY Trump supporter she has encountered. I had to laugh!

Again, I replied:

Statistically, we are among the smartest, most informed and stable voters in the bunch. Calling us idiots only fuels the vote. That’s a good thing. For us anyway.

Poor soul #1 chimed in again:

Stable for voting at the poles maybe, but for the common good of EVERYONE I don’t think so.

I closed out the discussion with this response:

Everyone but the free lunch crowd. I’m quite confident in my position. Opposition tells me two things…

I’m making the right decision and that political corruption has fogged the minds of SO many people.

I AM #TrumpStrong and #TrumpProud

It amazes me, the number of people who are so misinformed. I am SO glad I am no longer on that side of politics. Realizing how much the entire establishment in DC is bought and paid for disturbs me. It disturbs me even more to see all the people who REALLY believe politicians can actually have the best interest of the people in mind and at heart.

Hoping and praying that Mr. Trump wins and that we will finally see what we have been missing, for many generations – a governing body that isn’t motivated by lobby and special interest groups.

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  1. Angela says:

    I always did like that Vote Smart website. When do Hoosiers get out the vote?

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