How to Play Hardball with Chris Matthews – Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Over the last couple of days, all I have seen or heard in the media has been about the town hall conversation between MSNBC Hardball’s Chris Matthews and Donald Trump.

Normally I REFUSE to watch MSNBC, and have for YEARS – even when I was a Democrat supporting Barack Obama. MSNBC is without doubt, the most biased media source going!

The night of the town hall, my husband happened to be channel surfing and stopped on the interview – so we watched.

Long before the whole “abortion” conversation, I felt a scowl creep across my face. Frankly, I was disappointed that Mr. Trump would even devote any amount of time to MSNBC, but, I watched, and listened.

What I saw, and heard was someone who had obviously joined the minions of buffoons who care more about finding the golden ticket that will bring Mr. Trump down than someone to focus on the campaigns, and this election season as a whole.

You could almost see Matthews salivating as he went in for the kill. He was armed with a very pointed question and an entire clip of ammunition for repeat rapid-fire once he had Mr. Trump in a compromising position.

Watch the interview for yourself here:

donald trump - chris matthews - town hall - abortion comment

I have to wonder, at WHAT POINT does COMMON SENSE make a comeback? At WHAT POINT does the audience, and the voters, in mass, realize hypothetical questions are nothing more than slimy tactics that have been planned meticulously, carefully calculated and strategically delivered for the SOLE purpose to attack Mr. Trump and bring him down from the position as frontrunner?

Here’s the thing…

The question was absolutely STUPID! Here’s why!

  1. If abortion were banned and made illegal – illegal activity is punishable by law. Does not matter if it’s abortion or Skittles! Illegal MEANS illegal! Period!
  2. If abortion were banned, made illegal, and a woman sought to have one, the woman AND those performing the service would be in violation of the law. That IS punishable by law.
  3. Finally, let me reiterate what I have said many times before. Abortion will NEVER be banned or made illegal because it is in the SAFEST position right where it is! Both the Republican’s and the Democrat’s rely HEAVILY on THIS ONE issue to lure and secure a certain segment of voters. IT WILL NEVER CHANGE!

Okay, NOW with that out of the way…And while I AM on THIS stupid topic (Chris Matthews, not abortion, that’s kind of a serious topic and I know this!) – let me present a very similar hypothetical in hopes that YOU TOO, will see just how pathetic this entire conversation is.

Let’s try this…

If a person is addicted to illegal drugs, they ARE breaking the law by using drugs while at the SAME time, they are a captive victim to their drug dealer.

You with me here?

Now, let me ask you:

  1. If the addict visits their drug dealer to make a purchase and they BOTH get caught, should they BOTH be punished?
  2. Should the drug addict be let go, because they are a victim?

The law is the law people!

Have something you’d like to add to the conversation? Leave a comment here. I’d love to hear from you!

Now can we PLEASE move on?

Hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses…


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