Follow Iowa’s Lead – Here’s One Reason You Should Say NO to Politicians

The latest poll to come out of Iowa is showing a clear indication that American’s are sick of politics and politicians. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are tied at 23 percent with Carly Fiorina holding her own in third.

I would think that should send a clear message to politicians who are serving up more of the same. Politicians are bought, paid for and will do exactly what their donors want them to.

Something I have started looking at VERY closely is privatized prisons. They are big money people! The Petit case in Connecticut is a PRIME example.

The Cheshire, Connecticut, home invasion murders occurred on July 23, 2007. Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters were murdered, while her husband, Dr. William Petit, was injured during a home invasion in Cheshire, Connecticut. The Hartford Courant referred to the case as “possibly the most widely publicized crime in the state’s history”. In 2010 Steven Hayes was convicted of the murders and sentenced to death. His accomplice, Joshua Komisarjevsky, was found guilty on October 13, 2011, and sentenced to death on January 27, 2012. In August 2015, the state of Connecticut abolished the death penalty, which means that both Hayes and Komisarjevsky would have their death sentences turned into life sentences.


Two of the absolute, most evil people to EVER walk the face of the earth are allowed to live out their life to the tune of $31,000+ each year in YOUR tax dollars.

Again, WHY?

Because it’s in the best interest of several government officials and their own wallets, to convert their sentences to LIFE.

It’s called Private Profiteers!

privatized prison systems and their profits In the book, “Prison Profiteers: Who Makes Money from Mass Incarceration,” by Tara Herivel and Paul Wright, tells how the prison gravy train actually works. In addition to supplying food, clothing and medical care, private companies profit in other, less visible, ways.

In Prison Profiteers, co-editors Tara Herivel and Paul Wright “follow the money to an astonishing constellation of prison administrators and politicians working in collusion with private parties to maximize profits.” From investment banks, guard unions, and the makers of Taser stun guns to health care providers, telephone companies, and the U.S. military (which relies heavily on prison labor), this network of perversely motivated interests has turned the imprisonment of one out of every 135 Americans into a lucrative business.

If you really want to get a clear picture of what has gone wrong with our criminal justice system – you’ll want to read this book. You will see just how BILLIONS of dollars, earmarked for “public good” actually ends up lining the pockets of many of the politicians we have elected to run our country.

Read the book, follow the money and send a clear message to Washington that lobbyists HAVE GOT TO GO!

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