Donald Trump says the political system is rigged. Is it?

Donald Trump says the political system is riggedClick Here to Watch 

My Opinion: It’s ALWAYS been rigged. We only see the corruption when the voters aren’t acting like trained puppies flocking to the candidate the establishment wants – their choice candidates who will protect their financial interest in DC.

When congressional salary is an average of $175k per year, yet man of them are multi-millionaires, where do you think that’s coming from?

Elected officials on Capital Hill are selling their souls to lobby and special interest groups. They are NOT acting on behalf of the people nor their will!

Trump threatens that financial cushion. That’s why they are fighting SO hard against him.

If NOT for Trump, we’d all be acting like trained puppies! I for one, refuse!

WAKE UP PEOPLE! A vote for Trump is a vote against the corruption. Don’t you want to see what DC would be like with a thoroughly CLEANED house?

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