INDIANA VOTERS – PAY ATTENTION – Avoid the Tricks, Here’s How!

Your vote DOES COUNT! Don’t listen to the media! Here is how Indiana voting and this whole “Delegate Game” works… Delegates are BOUND on the first Ballet for the WINNER of the state. The Indiana Primary is OPEN which means Democrats, Independents, Republicans can ALL vote for your preferred choice. You don’t have to vote a straight ticket if you don’t want to. Indiana is WINNER TAKE ALL, FIRST BALLET…. this is 57 DELEGATES…..Trump needs […] Read the Full Article »

Donald Trump says the political system is rigged. Is it?

Click Here to Watch  My Opinion: It’s ALWAYS been rigged. We only see the corruption when the voters aren’t acting like trained puppies flocking to the candidate the establishment wants – their choice candidates who will protect their financial interest in DC. When congressional salary is an average of $175k per year, yet man of them are multi-millionaires, where do you think that’s coming from? Elected officials on Capital Hill are selling their souls to […] Read the Full Article »