INDIANA VOTERS – PAY ATTENTION – Avoid the Tricks, Here’s How!

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Your vote DOES COUNT! Don’t listen to the media!

Here is how Indiana voting and this whole “Delegate Game” works…

Delegates are BOUND on the first Ballet for the WINNER of the state.

The Indiana Primary is OPEN which means Democrats, Independents, Republicans can ALL vote for your preferred choice. You don’t have to vote a straight ticket if you don’t want to.

Indiana is WINNER TAKE ALL, FIRST BALLET…. this is 57 DELEGATES…..Trump needs to WIN First ballet… Second ballet is where delegates become unbound and they CAN switch. That’s what Cruz and Kasich are counting on! 

Indiana delegates recently voted and have given ALL the state delegates but ONE to Cruz (TRUMP GOT ONE) that means Trump can secure Indiana delegates on the FIRST BALLET ONLY!

Trump needs over 50% win for winner take all First Ballet!


Unlike the Democratic ballets, the Republican ballets will NOT designate who the Trump Delegate’s are. YOU HAVE to know going into vote who you are voting for. That’s why I am here. That’s why there are several of us doing our homework to help you know who to vote for IF YOU ARE a TRUMP SUPPORTER!

If you want your vote to go for Trump ALL the WAY, I will be updating this post to help you navigate this 2016 Indiana Primary Election.

Republican National Convention delegates from Indiana

Automatic delegates: Jeff Cardwell, Marsha Coats and John Hammond.

At-large delegates: Jim Bopp, Josh Claybourn, Bill Davis, Daniel Dumezich, Rex Early, Dennis Flynn, Samuel Frain, Anne Hathaway, Eric Holcomb, Erin Houchin, Tom John, Howard Kenley III, David Lasco, Thomas Longest, Josh Marshall, Michael McDaniel, Frederic Mills, Kelly Mitchell, Michael Murphy, Matthew Morgan, Denise Pence, Melissa Proffitt, Todd Rokita, Edwin Simcox, Curt Smith, Paul Eric Turner and Thomas Wheeler II.

Congressional District 1 delegates: Dan Dernulc, Rebecca Holwerda and James Snyder.

Congressional District 2 delegates: Larry Garatoni, Carol McDowell and Rudy Yakum.

Congressional District 3 delegates: Kyle Babcock, Travis Holdman, and Barbara Krisher.

Congressional District 4 delegates: Craig Dunn, Barbara Knochel and Connie Lawson.

Congressional District 5 delegates: James Brainard, David Brooks and Kyle Hupfer.

Congressional District 6 delegates: Tara Armstrong, Randy Frye and John Meredith.

Congressional District 7 delegates:  Patricia Miller, Jennifer Ping and Jefferson Shreve.

Congressional District 8 delegates: Brenda Goff, Rick Martin and William Springer.

Congressional District 9 delegates: Beth Boyce, Eric Koch and Jamey Noel.

If you find out who these delegates are favoring, please let me know so I can update them for fellow Hoosier voters.

I will mark them with a ( T ) for Trump or a ( C ) for Cruz.

Please leave a comment below to follow this post for alerts on when it has been updated.

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  1. Hi Gayla! Thank you for posting the names of delegates,,, I’m not even sure what district I am in… 🙁 Shirley/Hancock County. I too have been a Demo,,, but I voted for Hillary when she was against Obama the first time, when she lost, I voted for McCain/Palin…. I have been so in to this election it has made me a possessed lunatic~ I watch CNN/Fox day in and out… esp. on the election days..I know several people who are voting Trump,, so I want to be able to repost who the delegates are for Trump. I can NOT believe the delegates have already voted and voted for Cruz… I pray it changes next week~ Did you JUST see that Virg Gov. letting EX~CONS vote~~~ Felons~~ Of course friends of Hillarys… that is cheating for sure~ Don’t they know IF he wanted to.. Donald Trump could buy and sell VOTES IF he wanted to??? He just isn’t that kind of man~ wOW,,, 200,000 votes from Ex~cons… amazing~ Thanks for your help. I greatly appreciate it… I do know people who are also voting for Cruz,,, AND Hillary AND Bernie, and I can NOT get them to switch,, they are true demos… Actually makes me sick~ Would appreciate any help to make sure my vote counts for Mr. Trump… and by the way,,, Cute baby girl~ I sure miss your momma… Miss running in to her here and there…. GO TRUMP! PS. I am not good at checking my email,,, so you might just sent me a message on FB if you can or post on my timeline the delegates when you know them,,, I will be sharing the info too… Again Thanks!

  2. Jeremy Miller says:

    Thank you for this vital information. I will be posting before Tuesdays Indiana primary on FB.

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