The Many Gun Lies of Hillary Clinton – Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

The Many Gun Lies of Hillary Clinton – Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

A friend of mine made this comment about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: I really feel that neither Hillary or “the Donald” are qualified to be in office. I am leaning towards Hillary at the moment because of her stances on gun control. Donald does not support increased background checks, bans on assault weapons, or independent studies on gun control. I can’t vote for that.

To which I responded with the following research finds:

Donald Trump and most Republican’s actually, support background checks and are active in looking for better ways to improve upon them. In fact, just last month Republican’s and Democrat’s presented 2 amendments each that went up for vote. All 4 were shot down quickly. Here’s what those amendments were and who presented them:

Tighten up our background check system (Republican amendment)

What it proposes: Tries to open the lines of communication between the background check agency that Congress set up in the 1990s, the federal courts, the states and Congress to better carry out background checks. More specifically, defines what it means to be found “mentally incompetent” to buy a gun. Also requires the attorney general to conduct a study on “various sources and causes of mass shootings, including psychological factors, the impact of violent video games, and other factors. (Notice, the studies are being presented by the Republican’s, not the Democrats.)

Expand background checks (Democratic amendment)

What it does: Requires that a federal background check be conducted before every gun sale in the U.S., period. (The background check system Congress set up in the ’90s only requires background checks by federally licensed firearm dealers, which means you can usually skip it if you buy a gun from a private dealer, at a gun show or from your friend.)

Prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns (Republican version)

What it does: Right now, anyone on the FBI’s various terrorist watch lists — including the no-fly list that prevents you from getting on a plane — can legally buy a gun. Under this bill, if you’re on that list and try to buy a gun, you’d have to wait 72 hours. The reasoning is to give federal officials time to convince a judge there’s probable cause you have ties to terrorism while still protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of anyone who is mistakenly on a terrorist watch list — like the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) once was.

Prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns (Democratic version)

What it does: Lets the attorney general ban anyone on FBI’s various terrorist watch lists from being able to buy guns. If you feel like you’re mistakenly on the list and you get denied a gun, you can challenge the FBI’s decision in court. The problem is, this bill takes away people’s constitutional rights for due process because it bans them from buying a gun first, then allows them to challenge it in court later.


Assault weapons are banned and have been since 1934. Even greater control was implemented in 1994. The Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act – also called the “assault weapons ban,” the “federal assault weapons ban,” and the “AWB” – was part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

Assault rifle refers to military rifles capable of selective fire – automatic (full-auto), semi-automatic, and burst fire. Automatic firearms (like machine guns) and assault rifles in automatic mode, shoot multiple rounds with a single trigger pull. These firearms are Title II weapons regulated by the National Firearms Act of 1934 and Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986.


Last November, my husband, two of our kids, our son-in-law and I all went through the proper background checks and purchasing requirements for getting licensed and purchasing our guns.

We made an appointment to go to the courthouse to fill out forms, provide our driver’s license for copying and to be finger printed for the national database.

We were then given a receipt that we had to take to the county sheriff’s department within a couple of days where we filled out another form, presented the documentation provided us by our fingerprinting appointment so they could then record our registration number they assigned with our fingerprint information already transmitted to the database.

Then we waited, and waited, and waited.

About 6 weeks later, we received our license to carry. It took 6-weeks for the full background check to be conducted.

It’s NOT law abiding citizen’s that are buying guns to break the law – I promise you. NO criminal is going to go through all that and wait 6 weeks to carry out their crime.

As we saw in France, it’s not a gun problem – it is a people problem. And until people stop worrying so much about profiling and hurting someone’s damn feelings, we are going to keep having a people problem.

There are SO many reasons why I broke my ties with Democrats last year – this happens to be one of them.

Listen carefully to the agenda of Hillary. Once you start seeing the corruption unfold, you will never un-see it. It just keeps going and going and going!

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