I was just bragging about how grown up my friends were, UNTIL I posted something Anti-Bernie

Over the last couple of weeks, I have repeatedly bragged on my friends and family about how grown up everyone was when it came to discussing politics. I have been quite vocal about my being a Trump Democrat and some of my friends and family have been vocal about their anti-Trump positions – still, we get along and we still love each other. No big deal really.

Until today!

Earlier today I shared a link to an article called Bernie Sanders, in Arizona, Takes on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. When I shared the link, I posted my own comment as follows:

Here’s a great idea – If you don’t like the conditions of “Tent City” – don’t break the law and go there. If those conditions are good enough for some of our soldiers on the front lines, who are actually fighting for the very rights of “some people” to be idiots, than it’s good enough for criminals who knowingly, and willingly, break the law.

I support Sheriff Joe 110%

I didn’t think anything at all about it because, well, I have never had to worry much about my posts. I went for a drive with my husband and we grabbed a quick bite to eat then came back home. When I got here, my Facebook feed was FULL of comments. Someone had shared the post on a Facebook page called Liberals ANNOY Me – you can see a screenshot I captured here:

sheriff joe arpaio and bernie sanders in arizona

As best I can tell, from that post, or from doing searches, Bernie supporters were able to locate my post and just went nuts with all the attacks.

I’m here to tell you, Donald Trump is RIGHT. Bernie supporters are like a pack of rabid dogs. They are mean, vicious and act like wild animals.

I have NEVER seen Trump supporters get that nuts!

Obviously Bernie supporters are hicks, thugs and troublemakers looking for a fight. Bernie needs to tell his people to dial it down a notch or 10. Apart from the ONE old man who punched the black kid flipping off the world while running his mouth, I have never seen a Trump supporter actually act out violently. I think most Trump supporters use intelligence while Bernie supporters use their fists.

When you go to another person’s house or event looking for trouble, you will find it. No doubt about it.

Just to remind you of what peaceful protests look like and what they are not.

peaceful protest versus riot 

And… In case you aren’t sure, you can always ask Bernie Sanders, he knows what it is like to be arrested while protesting seen here:

bernie sanders arrested protesting

Anyone else notice just how mean the liberal groupies are? To be perfectly honest, I highly doubt many of the aggressive protestors are even registered to vote. They aren’t the kind that would take much pride in voting, but rather get their jollies, going around causing trouble. This is just one of those “EXCUSES” to go around causing trouble, where they can.

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