Bernie Sanders Encourages Anger and Hatred by Being the Do-Nothing-Say-Nothing Man

Until yesterday morning’s interview on State of the Union with Jake Tapper, I had said repeatedly that I liked Bernie Sanders. I respected the man, I respected his vision but I did not support him for POTUS.

During this particular interview, I lost what respect I had for Bernie as it became clear that he plays games just like any typical politician.

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Bernie Sanders Encourages Anger and Hatred by Being the Do Nothing Say Nothing Man

On the surface, Bernie seems like a nice guy – however, it is more than obvious that Bernie Sanders encourages the hatred and anger that is going on within the entire campaign, by sitting back, doing nothing and saying nothing.

I BLAME Bernie for the hatred we’ve seen spewed by his minion’s posing as anti-Trump protestors. Here’s why!

Jake Tapper confronts Bernie Sanders on comments made by Rosario Dawson, high profile Sanders surrogate 

TAPPER ASKED:  You have said that you’re not going to make an issue out of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server. But a high-profile surrogate of yours, the actress Rosario Dawson, she brought it up this week at one of your rallies in New York.

SANDERS ON ROSARIO DAWSON: “Hey, Jake, Jake, we have dozens of surrogates, and Rosario is doing a great job for us.  She was with me in the South Bronx when we had 18,000 people coming out to start our campaign in New York.  We have many, many surrogates who say many, many things.  Many of these surrogates do not agree with everything I say.  And I do not agree with every approach and everything that they say.  And that’s the simple reality. What we have done – and, by the way, there are a lot of people who say, Bernie, why don’t you go after her on her FBI investigation?  Why don’t you go after her on the Clinton Foundation money?  We have chosen not to do that…..

[TAPPER]  So you would rather your surrogates not talk about the FBI investigation, though?

[SANDERS] Look, we have people who are volunteering their time.  As you know, Rosario is a very well-known actress.  She has been kind enough to stand with me.  She will say what she wants to say.  That is not what I want to be focusing on, and I would hope my surrogates do not focus on that issue…”

When Jake Tapper pressed Bernie Sanders on the matter of his tax returns that had not been released.

TAPPER ASKED:  Let’s talk about taxes, specifically about your tax returns.  I have to say, I’m kind of surprised that you haven’t gone further on transparency.  You released the summary page of your 2014 tax returns.  Hillary Clinton has posted on her Web site the last eight years of her personal returns, all of the returns. Before the New York primary, will you match her?  Will you post your full returns for the last eight years?

SANDERS ON HIS TAX RETURNS: “You know, we are not – you know, to be very honest with you, you know who does our tax returns?  My wife does our tax returns.  We have been a little bit busy lately.  So, we will get out as much information as we can.  There ain’t going to be very much exciting in that.  I get a salary from the United States Senate.  You know, there’s not going to be anything new in it that there hasn’t – people haven’t seen for the last many years, but we will get it out as soon as we can.

[TAPPER] But nobody – nobody has seen them at all, I guess, is the point.  And whether or not there’s anything exciting in them…

[SANDERS]  No, that is not true.  That is – that is not true.  Of course, we have released them in the past. Our financial situation, to the best of my knowledge, has not changed very much, but we will get out all of that information as soon as we can.” 

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