Dishing on Hillary’s Health, Her Collapse and That Body Double Rumor

Hillary collapse at 911

I have had several people message me on Facebook, Twitter and through my blog asking what I thought about the “health episode” of Hillary Clinton at the 9/11 Memorial last Sunday.

To be perfectly honest, I do NOT think it’s an “illness” like many of the rumors claim it to be. I have watched so many videos of her health “moments” that were shared on Facebook and Twitter immediately following the “collapse” and I get a strange sense of Déjà vu reminiscent of the exact feeling I had watching Michael Jackson in his final years. Let me explain… This is the best video I’ve found. It shows the incident at a distance and again close up.

1. Take into consideration that she travels with a personal physician. Much like Michael Jackson did with Conrad Murray.

2. The health episode at the 9/11 Memorial that resulted in a full collapse where she stumbled, staggered, collapsed and was tossed in a van like a side of beef did not warrant a trip to the ER.

3. And, the fact she seems quite sedated when giving speeches lately…

My gut instinct and impression is very similar to how I personally viewed the whole Michael Jackson scene play out.

Granted, I am no doctor, but I am very observant. I research like I’m an FBI recruit and I have a photographic memory that captures images and I have impeccable “recall” that draws on similarities in events, people and their actions. I observe a person fully. I get to know their body language and their behavior patterns. When there is the slightest variation in those behavior patterns, I pick up on them quickly. Thus the reason my kids could never pull the wool over my eyes on ANYTHING!

It’s no secret that I was a HUGE fan and follower of both Bill and Hillary Clinton for many years. Having watched them for years and having seen Hillary in person when she was in Indiana, I am confident in my assessment of her “normal” behavior patterns.

With that in mind, I know I could be way off, but with everything considered, I really think she’s hooked on drugs. That’s just my personal hunch. Only time will tell.

For the first time in my life, I believe there’s a serious corruption at play in DC and among our elected officials on both sides of the isle.

I just can’t shake the “feeling” that Hillary has been escorted into a drug addiction as a means to make her an easily controlled puppet. She is the Democrat’s greatest hope of securing and remaining in the White House. She has years of “experience*cough, cough* – she has the name recognition that is an absolute necessity to be at the top of a political ticket and she’s surrounded by her husband Bill and her buddy Obama who can easily prop her in a chair and keep on running this country according to their own agenda. Keep in mind that the Obama’s conveniently purchased a home just blocks away from the White House. If she is addicted to drugs, think of how easy it would be for her to be a puppet for the powers that have formed behind her and who will ultimately run the show if she were to be elected.

Now, contrary to what some people might think, I really do hope I’m wrong. I don’t wish her any grave illness, while I’m no longer a fan of hers by any stretch of the imagination. It is tough to watch anyone go through the terrifying symptoms she has been experiencing.

I was also asked what I thought about the rumors of a “body double” and if I thought it was a possibility.

I’ll admit, the thought did peak my interest, and I did consider that possibility but my personal conclusion is… I highly doubt it.

Yes, she looked like Hell in a Blender when she was whisked away from the memorial. And yes, she looked like a brand new woman as she emerged from Chelsie’s apartment – BUT, it was that quick recovery that convinced me that it could be a drug thing, not an allergy thing, not a pneumonia thing, not a Parkinson’s thing. It’s a drug thing!

IF it were pneumonia, and as a mother and a grandmother, she would NOT have gotten so close to a little girl, let alone put her hands on her.

Furthermore, at any given time, she is SO closely surrounded by her personal Secret Service detail. Consider the fact that just recently, we have seen the tragic result of a 12 to 14-year-old, strapped with a bomb, run into a wedding and kill 50+ people.

Where was Secret Service? They were several feet away, seemingly unconcerned with a little girl running up to Secretary Clinton. Watch the video and their lack of reaction here.

Why was Secret Service not flocked around her like every other time we see her?

How did that little girl get that close? And, why?

Because it’s not pneumonia. And, it was a pre-planned encounter. Totally staged, methinks!

It’s my personal opinion and observation that she was crashing, needed a fix, got it, and was on about her day.

The REAL TEST will be the debates.

Hillary will not be able to handle Trump if she is not in very clear mind and able to bring her A game. Donald Trump has already defeated 16 Republicans, 2 of which everyone, including mainstream media, thought would be the nominee! If Donald Trump can take down Jeb Bush, with all the experience HE has and who is packing as much name recognition as Hillary, she will be child’s play to Trump, even if she were to bring her very best A game.

While I was not the biggest fan of Jeb Bush, where the nomination was concerned, Jeb was by far, the most “qualified” person running on the Republican ticket and he withdrew his bid on February 20, 2016. I think that alone speaks volumes for the popularity of Donald Trump and his ability to go head-to-head, effectively, with any polished, career politician – including the Democratic Saint Hillary!

So there you have it – my personal opinion. Nothing more than visual observation and intense listening. When you watch close, and listen closer – it’s amazing at what you can see and hear!

Finally, just so EVERYONE on the planet is aware, I would never, ever, ever, not under any circumstance consider suicide and if I ever do go anywhere at all, I always inform my husband, kids, mom or my dad of my whereabouts and call them when I get home. While I don’t buy into the hot conspiracy theories in politics, I do have to admit, there are a lot of people who have crossed the Clinton’s who wind up dead. Better safe than sorry *wink, wink*

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  1. Angela says:

    I didn’t realize President Obama has purchased a home in D.C. just blocks away from the White House. You mean to tell me the Obama family is not moving back to Chicago??

    • Gayla says:

      Yes ma’am. Supposedly (and conveniently) it is to stay in DC until their youngest graduates from the school she has grown up in. Ironically, that is the SAME excuse Evan Bayh (I really used to like that man) used to remain in DC. Now, his kids are grown and they have 2 homes in DC while maintaining a 1 bedroom apartment on the north side of Indianapolis. I thought this article in the Indy Star was interesting!
      Everything just seems SO fishy to me. Bayh leaves politics to be a lobbyist while Obama was in office and Hildabeast was Secretary. Now he’s reentering politics now that she’s running? Obama is staying in Washington rather than returning to Chicago where he still owns a home? Evan Bayh remains in Washington while running for Senate in Indiana? It all just makes me sick!

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